Food for Fuel: Indian Feast and Only Half Cheated

July 12, 2008 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Food, Poultry, Product Review, Vegetable Side Dishes | 3 Comments

I went grocery shopping today, which is without a doubt my favorite household chore. This is partly because I usually pick up some premade sushi to have for dinner that night. But, racked with guilt over the price of sushi and the large package of chicken already in my fridge, I decided to finally try this recipe from Cooking Light that I’ve been hanging onto for a while. It was excellent, although if you try it you may want to keep an eye on the cook time. I would have been eating some seriously dry chicken if I had left it in for the entire 25 minutes.

Onto the half cheating part of my meal: I decided that instead of spending money on expensive sushi, I would buy some sides to go with my chicken. So, I bought Tandoor Chef’s frozen Palak Paneer and frozen Garlic Naan. Both amazing, although I probably spent about as much as I would have spent on a sushi roll.  The naan actually goes in the oven. The palak paneer is microwaved, but you would absolutely never know.

Because I was feeling ambitious, I googled a recipe for cucumber raita and made it to have over my salad.  Very quick and easy and I have plenty left to use as dressing later. 

It was a lot of food and I couldn’t quite finish the palak paneer (although I came pretty close!). Too bad, because I really wanted to bake up one of the balls of cookie dough that I froze a while back. Maybe I’ll find room later  😉



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