Skirt Culture?

July 17, 2008 at 4:27 pm | Posted in Literature, Product Review | Leave a comment

The August 2008 issue of Runner’s World has an article by Kristin Armstrong (from Austin!), entitled The Rise of Skirt Culture. Personally, I’ve always been a tad jealous of the cute little outfits that tennis players get to wear, but basically I only require two things for my running gear: a) the material must not get heavy and gross when I’m all sweaty, and b) it has to fit comfortably with no chafing. If I can get cute outfits for a reasonable price that fit those two criteria, then I’m sold.

So, if the running skirt is more comfortable or functional than shorts, then I would definitely wear one. However, they don’t look very functional–they look like they would ride up and flap around. I guess I would have to try one to be sure.

But then I turned the magazine’s page and realized that I will never try one. The next page listed all the RW tested running skirts with pictures and basic features. There was one for $29, but most were at least $45.

Now, if you’re a runner who needs a little boost in confidence to get out the door and gets that confidence with a cute outfit, then normally I would tell you to just do what it takes to get in your workout, and maybe someday you’ll become the kind of runner who will wear a spelunking headlamp on those dark winter runs (cough). If, however, you’re a runner who is willing to spend $60 (Robbery! I’m looking at you, Nike!) on HALF of a running outfit, here is my advice for you:

Don’t bother. If you don’t look sweaty and disgusting, you’re not going fast enough.

So, save the money and spend it on better running shoes or a cute outfit that you’re going to wear when you’re not running.


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