Daily Run: Therapy

July 20, 2008 at 12:46 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Strength Training | Leave a comment

Time of Day: 8:30 AM

Weather: Hot and sunny

Duration: 44 min.

Notes: I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get up and run today. Yesterday Geno and I floated down the Guadalupe River, and by “floated” I mean burnt to crisps and gashed by rocks. We both expected a relaxing four hours of peaceful floating and beer drinking, but I realized after losing two beers in the river that I needed to stop wasting it and just concentrate on SURVIVAL.

Long story short, (long, long story…about 6.5 hours of floating) we did not have a good time and the SPF 60 Sunscreen for Super Whities couldn’t make it all day. My last trip through rapids left me bleeding in some spots and bruised and swelling in others. I did, however, feel much better when I got up this morning and was able to go running despite the huge bruise on my left quad, which I couldn’t roll out beforehand because it was too painful. My ab workout wasn’t much fun either. 

I ran slowly today. It just felt extremely necessary to do so. Not because I was in pain, although the swollen quad pulled a bit on the hills, but because it made my body feel so much better. I can’t speak highly enough about just going for a slow run sometimes. I don’t use the term “junk miles” like some runners do when referring to these runs; I actually think they’re therapeutic and sometimes they make my legs feel better the next day than taking the day off entirely. I will, however, be taking tomorrow off. It’s been a week now and I know I have to (blah).


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