Health Improvement Obstacle

July 22, 2008 at 4:00 pm | Posted in General Health | Leave a comment

It’s a bit unfortunate that my last post was entitled “Rested and Ready.” Not just because that’s a terribly corny title, but because I am one of the least rested people that I know. I eat well, I exercise, I don’t smoke, I avoid trans fat, etc. Basically, I do as much as I can to keep my body functioning at its best. But, I have this one problem: I don’t sleep. Well, I do, but not enough and not consistently. I have trouble both falling asleep and staying asleep, and yet I always feel great when I get up to run. This great feeling does not last all day.

I didn’t suffer from insomnia last night, I was just distracted by a tall man who willingly watched Sex and the City with me. Now that I’m unemployed, I figured I could still get up and run and then nap later. Which I just did.

But I feel awful! I haven’t taken a real nap in maybe…years? Today I was down for the count for almost 2 hours, and now I’m groggy with a slightly sore throat, sipping on green tea and eating an orange in case I’m getting sick.

I may not need as much sleep as some people. I view 8 hours as more of a suggestion and feel that I do fine on 6.5. In fact, if I consistently get 7-8 hours of sleep for several nights in a row, I usually follow with a night of bad insomnia. Like my body says, “But I just slept last night! Boring! Let’s do something more fun like scheme all night!” It’s a little obnoxious like that.

So the point of this entry is to post a few questions:

  • Do you have any good sleeping tips for me? I’ve tried tea and Tylenol PM, which I try not to use often.
  • What is your greatest health improvement obstacle, the one thing you could do to become more healthy? 

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