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July 23, 2008 at 8:52 am | Posted in Product Review | Leave a comment

Yesterday afternoon, my Yoga Burn DVD decided to start working again. This DVD is something that I bought when I was injured and couldn’t run. I promised myself that I would continue yoga after I started running again, but soon I was too obsessed absorbed in running again to do calming activities like yoga that provide less of a fix endorphins.

However, I really want to experiment with doing yoga consistently to see its effects on my running. I really don’t consider yoga to be a “workout” in any traditional sense. Because you know, I need to be sweating and slightly in pain. To me, yoga is fancy stretching, and this is why I want to continue to do it.

So yesterday I did yoga and held off on writing about it until after this morning’s run in case it changed my life dramatically and I sprinted effortlessly around the world. That didn’t happen, but I did feel nice and stretched out right after finishing the DVD. I’m hoping to make myself do it consistently enough to see results.

The DVD that I own is called Yoga Burn. I got it at Target. I’m pleased with its quality: some of the moves are hard enough to make me feel like I’m building muscle while simultaneously stretching. I wouldn’t actually consider it strength training, although I think some people might.

I know that there are many types of yoga, some of which are very calming and meditative and others that provide more of a traditional “workout” of cardio and strength. Has anyone found a type that they really like?


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