Daily Run: See Jess Be Awesome!

August 2, 2008 at 9:46 am | Posted in Daily Run | 2 Comments

Time of Day: 6:35 AM

Weather: Great!…For August…for Texas.

Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.

Estimated Distance: 12 miles

Notes: I had a great long run this morning. Even better, I totally did not expect to be saying that. This is my third week in a row of hard running before I reduce my mileage next week. Usually my legs are tired by this point, and they definitely were when I started my run this morning. My knee was also a bit tight and I briefly considered going for a shorter run, but luckily it warmed up quickly as the muscles around it loosened up.

I usually don’t bother eating before I run, but I woke up hungry this morning and decided that I should have a small piece of German fitness bread before going on such a long run. This is a packaged bread that I got in Germany over the summer. It’s just ok tasting. It doesn’t have many calories, so I doubt it contributed significantly to the awesomeness of my run. The big plate of whole wheat pasta that I had for dinner last night was probably the major carb source.

I assumed my pace would be much slower on a long run, so I decided to time half a mile so that I could still ballpark the distance for my log. I took the time in the very middle of my run and got 3:42, putting me at 7:24/mile pace! This seemed awfully fast for a long run, so I did another timed half mile later in my run and got 3:47, a 7:34/mile pace. This gives me an average of 7:29/mile. I assumed that I would slow down towards the end of my run because I’m not used to 90 minute runs yet and the last 20 minutes are almost all up hill on this course, but I held the pace and even went a bit faster as the hills leveled off. So, I calculated my distance on my usual pace of 7:35/mile, got 11.87, and took the liberty of rounding up to 12 miles for the day because my timed half miles were faster. 🙂

I hate to go on and on about my run, but I’m excited about being able to do 90 minutes so easily. I have several reasons: a) I think my average pace is actually faster than 7:35 most days, which means that I’m getting in more mileage than I thought; b) I may be improving; c) my knee is still fine (knock on wood); and d) time to start racing!



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  1. Get it, Jessica!!

  2. wow, I’m impressed. I used to run like that, but not lately. I’m getting ready to do “distance” tomorrow. But I’m only going to be going about 7 miles. I’ve been getting a little soft lately, but its kind of nice. I’m getting back into yoga. It’s not exactly a work out, but its a nice compliment to running. Stretches out my legs which are wound pretty darn tight from all the miles. I’m sure you can relate 🙂

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