Daily Run: Completing a High Mileage Weekend

August 3, 2008 at 9:08 am | Posted in Daily Run | 2 Comments

Time of Day: 6:45 AM

Weather: Clear, humid, preparing to be very hot

Duration: 1 hr. 1 min.

Estimated Distance: 8.04 miles

Notes: I almost always have a plan for my runs. I head out the door with a goal duration time and maybe go a bit longer if I feel like it, but usually only a few minutes. However, I never know how I’m going to feel the day after a long run, so I don’t make plans for that day. Usually it’s not very long or very fast.

Today’s run was much longer than usual. I rarely run over an hour on easy days, especially not the day after a long run. But today, after a very stiff first 10 minutes, I got into a wonderful rhythm and decided to go for an hour at a relaxed pace. I felt good and even did some hard running in the middle, but faded significantly on the last few hills.



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  1. Remember how I said I totally wouldn’t wake up in time to make it to Town Lake? Yeah, I totally stuck to my guns. LOL

  2. […] Even though I took yesterday off, I could feel some stiffness leftover from my high mileage weekend. However, my legs warmed up quickly, and I probably went much faster than necessary during a […]

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