Daily Run: A Little Worried

August 14, 2008 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Food, General Health, Injury, Running News | 3 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50AM

Weather: Wonderful again. Maybe a little hotter.

Duration: 53 min.

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 6.99 miles. Calling it 7.

Notes: This morning’s run would have been wonderful if I hadn’t been worried about my knee. It’s the same nagging feeling; just achy, nothing sharp and not tightening up. I really don’t know what to do besides schedule an ART visit for tomorrow. I still plan on running in the morning, as I think that this is just the same muscular problem.

Everything else felt great. Stupid, stupid knee. But in good news, my new, better healthcare starts on Sept. 1 and I plan on seeing every specialist in the area until I find one that helps me complete a marathon.

I didn’t do any weights after work because I went out to dinner at Mandola’s Italian Market with my grandparents and other extended family. It was fantastic and very authentic. I had the Gnocchi al Sugo and split a Misto salad with my sister. There was free, delicious bread and olive oil. I had stracciatelli gelato.

And I forgot my camera. I am so, so sorry. Picture several plates full of Italian perfection and my full, extended belly and sleepy grin.

Mandola’s is a store/restaurant, and since I was almost out of bread, I bought a loaf of the Rustic Wheat to bring home. My car smells like a bakery. I’m looking forward to my sandwich tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s plan: Easy run. ART appt. at 11:45 (luckily the office is right by mine). Weights after work. TRACK BEGINS!



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  1. Hope the appt. goes well and knee pain is nothing serious.

    Your dinner made my belly rumble. I used to make gnocchi with my mom and sister. Living alone, I tried to make it and it turned into mashed potatoes. Sad.

  2. Hey I am a fellow runner… I more recently got into doing serious workouts but have run 3 marathons.. rght now I am just training with some woman (one of which who is 56 and competes at the national and world level) I love seeing other peoples blogs who lead a similar lifestyles… do you run everyday?

  3. Christie: Welcome to See Jess Run! I run 6 days a week, leaving one day for my legs to recuperate.

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