Daily Run: Dedicated to the Olympic Marathoners

August 17, 2008 at 1:01 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Running News | Leave a comment

Time of Day: 7:10 AM

Weather: Cool and breezy. Am I just getting used to the heat or something? Wonderful weather.

Duration: 54 min.

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 7.12 miles

Notes: I had a fantastic run this morning. My IT band and knee felt better, I warmed up quickly, went longer than planned, and had moments of sprinting that actually warranted a cooldown at the end. I thought about racing the entire time. Watching the marathon last night was incredibly inspirational, and I’m sure that is why I was so fast this morning. Especially after a bad long run yesterday.

After eating at Kerbey Lane last night, I rushed home to watch my DVR coverage of the Women’s Marathon. I take back everything negative that I said about NBC’s coverage. It was wonderful. I felt a little bad for the announcers, actually, who resorted to talking about the weather about once every 15 minutes. I watched the whole thing.

So sad that Deena Kastor pulled out in the first 20 minutes! I was expecting her to medal. I’m so happy however, that Paula Radcliffe finished, although I hope she didn’t ruin her body for it. She got some incredibly unfair bad press for not finishing in 2004 and the pressure to finish must have been very, very heavy.

And the champion, Constantina Tomescu, became the oldest woman to win a gold medal in the Olympic marathon. She looked fantastic out there, and it gives me hope for my own running future to see a 38-year old run so well.

I wish I didn’t have to wait a whole week for the men’s marathon!


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