Daily Run: Dual Body?

August 20, 2008 at 9:21 pm | Posted in Daily Run | Leave a comment

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Excellent. I love it when a storm comes through and clears out the nasty air.

Duration: 53 min.

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 6.99 miles

Notes: I think something from the Whole Paycheck salad bar made me sick. I slept horribly last night and felt nauseous this morning, and for some reason ran anyway. Did running make the nausea go away? NO, unsurprisingly. Oddly enough, the rest of me felt fantastic. You’ve heard of split/dual personalities. Well, I had a dual body this morning. Even after running fast yesterday, my legs felt amazing and I cruised through this run, feeling nauseous the entire time without feeling sick enough to actually stop. The icky feeling was concentrated in my stomach, with the rest of me entirely unaffected. I even sprinted at the end, but not too fast (because you know, I would have vomited at that point).

Seriously, Whole Paycheck, if I pay $7.99/lb. for anything, I at least expect it not to make me ill.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been commenting on the blog! I would love for this to be an interactive community for runners and anyone else interested in fitness/nutrition, so please feel free to leave comments, questions, tips, or anything you want!


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