Daily Run: Lived to Tell About It

August 23, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Product Review, Training Method | 4 Comments

Time of Day: 6:35 AM

Weather: Warm, humid, and cloudy at first. Sunny and nice after a while. Yes, I was outside long enough for the weather to change.

Duration: 1 hr. 50 min.

Estimated Distance: 14 miles

Notes: You may have noticed the dramatic title of this post. That does not refer to the almost 2 hours of running that I did this morning. The first long run of my marathon training went very well.

I slept well, but woke up still tired. I don’t take the time to eat before normal runs, but I knew I would need some fuel for this one. So, I poured a big glass of V8, took about two sips, decided that my tummy did not want cold tomato soup at 6 AM, and poured it out. Plan B was a Special K bar. My sister likes these and left about half a box in the pantry. They’re yummy, but don’t really have any nutritional value, so I don’t buy them. I figured the bar would be a quick, easy way to get a little sugar in me and fuel the run without upsetting my stomach, having no fiber and all. I bought some Clif Shot Bloks yesterday, and put one in my pocket. I’ve always fueled before and after long runs, but never during. I usually don’t even drink during. But, I have never trained for a marathon, and I think it’s time for me to get used to doing both of these things, as my long runs are only going to get longer.

I decided that 1 hr. 50 min. of running would easily get me 14 miles at a slower-than-average pace. There were a lot more runners out than usual, and I ran (literally) into my former college cross-country coach out practicing with her new team! I would have loved to stop and chat, but we both just yelled greetings at each other in passing.

I took my Shot Blok about 1/3 of the way into the run, right before a water fountain so that I could wash it down. It was easy to tear open and squeeze out and even slightly yummy (for a gel…).  It must have done it’s job, because I felt good in the last 30 minutes of running when I expected to feel like death.  In fact, I did really well in that last half hour and maybe picked up the pace a bit. Either way, I didn’t slow down at the end, which is great.

So, I felt good about this long run. Not so good, however, that I didn’t groan when I realized that running a marathon means that I will still have 12.2 miles left to go after the 14.


I walked my tired legs around the block after finishing. This felt so good. So did stretching and rolling out.

Next, however, we get to the moment that inspired the dramatic title of this post: the Ice Bath. Yes, I made myself do it. It DID NOT feel so good.

First though, I realized that my recovery process was going to take too long, and that I needed to refuel. I hate eating when I’m all sweaty and gross. It’s just not enjoyable. So, I usually wait until I’m all showered, clean, and comfy. No time for that on a long run day when it’s especially important to refuel immediately. FINE! I made a lame recovery smoothie (see post above) and drank it in my ice bath.

I was in the ice bath for 13 minutes and 15 seconds. It sucked, and I think it’s going to suck worse in November. However, it doesn’t suck the whole time–just for a few minutes until you go numb, and then when you get out again and try to walk around while numb. My smoothie was decently distracting and I had a magazine to read for after breakfast was gulped down.

About 90 minutes after finishing my run, I crashed big time. For two hours. I didn’t actually sleep most of this time, but got into that half-sleep state, which is the most I can ever do for a nap. It felt wonderful to just rest for a while though, REM or no REM. Now I’m much more energetic and ready to tackle some studying. Don’t forget to watch the men’s marathon tonight!



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  1. I know! I can’t eat while sweaty and gross either! (The same goes for napping after a workout!) Sorry I can’t watch the marathon with you tonight — I’m a sad panda. 😦

  2. Hey girl! I ran (hehe) across your blog on AIM and read it occasionally. Believe it or not, I ran my first marathon in February (Austin AT&T)!!! I trained with Rogue Training Systems, but kudos to you for training on your own! I definitely did not have the dedication/willpower to do that. Well I just wanted to share my ice-bath technique: I fill the tub 2 quarters of the way full with cold water. Then I put tights, long socks, and a long sleeve shirt on. I get in for five minutes, then pour 1 bag of store bought ice in the tub and sit for another ten minutes. That way your legs don’t go numb, but you still get the benefits of the coldness. I always used to read a book; it really made the time go by faster. I hope that helps!! Also, that is so cool that you saw Coach Smith! 🙂 Well I hope all is well with you, and all your recipes look delish. And…. you are really an inspiration for me to get off my ass and run more than 3 or 4 times a week! Ok, this post has gotten much longer than I intended… Take care!

  3. Great tip, Sarah! Thanks for the kind words and advice. How would you rate the AT&T Marathon?

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