Food for (Re)Fuel: Recovery Smoothie

August 23, 2008 at 1:48 pm | Posted in Food, Nutrition, Other, Product Review | 5 Comments

Here’s what I drank for breakfast while in my ice bath after my long run:

  • 1 packet No Sugar Added Carnation Instant Breakfast in Rich Milk Chocolate: I used this because it’s full of protein and vitamins. The kind with the sugar has just way too much in it, but this kind is very good for you.
  • 1 cup Silk Light Plain Soymilk: Protein, omega-3s (a natural anti-inflammatory), calcium
  • 1 cup Non-fat Plain White Mountain Bulgarian yogurt: Protein, calcium, probiotics
  • 1 small red grapefruit: Vitamin C, which is excellent for muscle repair 

It was a bit chunky because I didn’t blend it for long enough. I’m not used to making smoothies. I like my food in solid form. It tasted fine. Not delicious, but I was going to be drinking it in an ice bath, so how enjoyable can it possibly be?



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  1. i just bought the runners cookbook (should be here in a few days). do you have any recipe recommendations in there that i should try first.

    i also need to start my blog up again. i haven’t touched that thing in a month at least.

  2. Thought you might be interested in this short omega-3 video:

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  4. […] Myoplex was kind enough to send me two of these bars. I want to try the other one after a 20-miler. I think that will allow for a better review, and will also save me the trouble of blending up my recovery smoothie. […]

  5. […] refuel after the run, I make a recovery shake or use one of the Myoplex […]

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