Food for Fuel: Reale’s Pizza and Cafe

September 2, 2008 at 9:22 pm | Posted in Food, Restaurants | 2 Comments

Jess has been eating well lately.

But before I get to that, I’d like to direct your attention to some new features on the right-hand side of your computer screen *gestures proudly*. There you will find a list of my upcoming races and the Jess Fact of the Week, which you will want to check religiously. Yep, new features. We’re getting fancy in here, people.


My step-grandmother called me at work today with a surprise dinner invite. My cousin and her husband are in town because they evacuated Baton Rouge during Hurricane Gustav. Their home is fine, but does not have power yet and they don’t want to go back to Louisiana without air conditioning. I haven’t seen my cousin and her husband in years, so there’s a silver lining to this difficult situation.

We went to Reale’s Pizza and Cafe. This was my second visit to Reale’s and both times have been equally delicious. This time there was live music, making for a nice surprise on a Tuesday evening.

I had the Chicken Torino.

Yes, it was as big as it looks in the picture. And probably even more delicious. The chicken was perfectly cooked, there were way more vegetables than most restaurants give you on a pasta dish, and the slight hint of marinara sauce complemented them perfectly without being overwhelming. And plenty leftover, so Jess will be eating well again for lunch tomorrow.

No WHF list on this one because I don’t remember all the vegetables used, nor all the herbs/spices in this dish.



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  1. It’s in Dallas.

  2. […] met her husband and youngest child. We went to Reale’s Pizza & Cafe, where I have been before and love sooo much. Dad and I split a chef salad and The Roasted Pie, a spicy pizza with roasted […]

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