Daily Run: Sniffle and Ache

September 3, 2008 at 2:15 pm | Posted in Daily Run, General Health | 1 Comment

Time of Day: 5:55 AM

Weather: Hot but windy

Duration: 44 min.

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 5.8 miles.

Notes: I have the sniffles. I thought that I kicked the slight cold (or whatever it is) that I came down with this weekend, but I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m feeling ill again. It’s not bad, just an achy, sniffy, general yuck feeling. I’ve heard that a cold like this can be a sign of overtraining, but I caught this from MSB, who I suspect has been overtraining his brain. And since he’s spent a significant amount of time cutting up cadavers over the past few weeks, I think we’re both lucky that we only have slight head colds instead of Bubonic Malaria SARS.

Needless to say, I felt a bit tired on my run. I’m often tempted to go farther than I should during my reduced mileage week because I’m used to doing more, but this morning both my body and my mind agreed to an easy day. My shoulders are still ridiculously sore and I have a general feeling of fatigue in my legs. I think I will feel better tomorrow, provided I can fall asleep early tonight.


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  1. Hope you can get some sleep and feel better! And maybe eat 3 or 12 oranges. 🙂

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