Food for Fun: The NY Times Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

September 6, 2008 at 9:55 pm | Posted in Baked Goods, Food | 9 Comments

Way back in July, the New York Times ran an article on the perfect chocolate chip cookie. They included a recipe, which has of course become very popular since. However, the recipe is a bit high maintenance. It calls for two different kinds of flour (bread flour and cake flour) and two different kinds of expensive, difficult to find chocolate. It also requires 24-36 hours of chilling time for the dough.

But despite the high maintenance and high cost of the recipe, every baker must try it, because you know, the NY Times says it’s the best. So, I squirrelled away the recipe until I found the perfect excuse occasion to bake these cookies. And, since MSB just started medical school, I decided that my first visit to him in his new apartment was just the occasion.

I had to go to Whole Paycheck for the chocolate, and even there I could not find the Valrhona feves, but I did find another fancy disk-like chocolate (El Rey, I believe?) and Callebaut. The disks were dark chocolate and the Callebaut was bittersweet.

The disk chocolate was only half of what I needed, so I chopped up some of the Callebaut for the rest. It was hard, and I’m glad I had the disks for the rest.

I wanted to chill the dough for the recommended 36 hours, but I had to leave it for 48 hours because, oh, I have a day job. And unfortunately it’s not as a Cookie Baker.

And it’s a good thing that I have a day job, because if I was anywhere near this dough during the day, none of it would have made it to the oven. It’s amazing.

Finally, I got to bake the cookies. And I think they’re amazing.


But are they the perfect cookie? MSB liked them, but said that “they have too much chocolate.”

After a week spent in intense therapy dealing with the fact that I am dating someone who uses the words “too much” and “chocolate” in the same sentence, I must admit that MSB has a point (gasp!). The expensive chocolate really makes these cookies and the dough is much more of a vehicle for serving the big, delicious chunks of fine chocolate. MSB likes a little more dough. And really, how can the NY Times declare a single recipe to be perfect? Everyone has a different preference for chocolate chip cookies. I, for instance, like plentiful amounts of oatmeal, and these have none.

Need a Little More Dough?

If you’re like MSB and like a little more dough in your chocolate chip cookie, try this recipe, which I recently made for a friend’s birthday and received rave reviews. I modified it slightly, but I’m sure the original recipe is just as good. Even better, it’s a simple, one bowl, decently cheap cookie that still delivers.



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    that means i would probably love them.

    although i agree with you that i think oats are a wonderful addition to chocolate chip cookies. my favorite recipe has oats, and walnuts too. i should make some . . .

  2. I want to try, too. I use a version of the cookie recipe the back of the semi-sweet toll house package. I tweek it a little, but I’m pretty loyal. I will have to compare and contrast soon.

  3. The Toll House recipe is a good one!

    Do try this one though. You know you have to or you’ll think about it forever. 😉

  4. Umm… is it really possible for anything to have TOO much chocolate? Haha, these sound like my perfect cookie 😉 but I suppose that oatmeal would definitely be a yummy addition though!

  5. Wow your really stepping it up with your cooking.. your making me feel ike a slacker… nice job on the long run… I did 13mi today but the coach had us do some pick ups during and it was great!

  6. Loooove cookies…and oats! I may have to make some soon, although I usually eat too many as I’m baking…
    I have a chocolate chip recipe that uses vanilla pudding…it makes the cookies stay chewy and is sooo good! Definitely my favorite one!

  7. Danielle, I agree. The more chocolate the better!
    Christie, I don’t see it as “stepping it up,” I see it as “eating way too much freaking cookie dough.”
    Justy, The recipe linked at the bottom of this post is the second I’ve tried with pudding. It really does add a wonderful consistency to the dough.

  8. […] I made short grain brown rice on the side, and then Middle Eastern Spinach with Spices and Yogurt, a recipe that I found on the New York Times website. In fact, the NY Times has a great healthy recipes repository, and if you prepare and consume all of them you may make up for eating one of their cookies. […]

  9. […] website. Ironically, I discoved the NY Times Recipes for Health section during my quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. They’ve got some good stuff in […]

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