Daily Run: Lance Might Quit but Jess Will Not!

September 9, 2008 at 10:28 am | Posted in Daily Run, Running News | 5 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Warm, muggy, and cloudy. I knew last week’s perfect weather was just teasing me!

Duration: 1 hour

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 7.91 miles.

Notes: I felt strong today, and that was a very good feeling. However, I’m not sure my legs are quite as rested as they usually are after a reduced mileage week. I blame this on my long run on Saturday, but I think this is something I will just have to deal with as I continue training for a marathon.

In recent news, Lance Armstrong is coming out of retirement and plans to start competing again in 2009. Because you know, he thought he would take up some “recreational jogging” in his “retirement” to stay in shape. And like so many recreational joggers, he thought “Hey, I should run a marathon.” And then he did, and decided…

“Holy crap! Biking is so much friggin’ easier than this! I’ve been out here for 6 minutes and I’ve barely gone a mile!? Why is this taking so long!? What is this painful sensation in my calves!? Why do my knees ache so much!? I need thousands of dollars of high tech machinery between me and the ground, STAT! How is that small African man going so fast!? There is no way that an enlarged heart could possibly fit inside him! Why is no one accusing him of blood doping!? Holy crap, another one just passed me! Where are all the French people when you need them!? This SUCKS! I’m not breaking any records! OMG I CANNOT HANDLE THE MEDIOCRITY! I QUIT! Give me my bike, I’ll pass evvverrryyyonnneee…MUAHAHAHA!”*

Or that’s what I like to think, anyway.

*Not an actual Lance Armstrong quote. Don’t sue me, Lance. Also, I have the utmost respect for Lance Armstrong and for bikers in general. And I cannot wait to see more of them in their funny little outfits when Lance increases the popularity of biking in America yet again.



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  1. In fact, I think that’s a pretty accurate summary of what he said in his RW interview after the marathon, if I recall correctly. I just love the image of him struggling to keep up with a little old lady in her 50s (even if she WAS joan benoit samuelson).

  2. I wholeheartedly approve of your Lance Armstrong quote.

    Almost as much as I approve of Lance Armstrong beating Frenchmen.

  3. awesome job with the run and i finally got the book last ngiht! i have not been able to read through it all but I cant wait! The recipe from last night looks great!

  4. Love your Lance Armstrong “quote”!
    And I’m with you on the Texas weather. It played a trick on us last week with cooler, crisp mornings. Back to the muggy nastiness that is Texas. Can’t wait til it cools off and stays that way for a little while!

  5. tfh: Love Joanie. Might need to look up that interview.
    Christie: The recipe from last night isn’t from The Runner’s Cookbook (Martha Stewart), but I’m so glad you finally got it!
    Jameson and Justy: Yay thanks! And yes, bah on muggy weather!

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