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September 9, 2008 at 4:28 pm | Posted in Fun, Racing | 22 Comments

I just registered for all three of my fall races (see sidebar for list).

Total hit to my wallet: $185.12

I know, right? That’s just three races. And I thought running was a cheap sport.

And I’ve semi-made a pending decision (huh?): to reward myself after running my first marathon, I’m going to buy something. Not sure what, but it’s going to cost $1 for each mile that I run.

So, I decided on August 18th that I would begin training for White Rock Marathon. Thus, training began on August 19th. And since then I’ve run an estimated 143.98 miles. That’s $143.98 towards my reward.

Usually my reward is just a big stack of pancakes and a long nap, so I’m stepping it up here.

And I want a laptop, so I better increase those miles a bit. Ha.

How do you reward yourself? Any good ideas for me?



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  1. My rewards involve food, so I cant really be much help to you.

  2. ooh, i like the reward!

    i like rewards in general.

    i think you need a polar foot pod personally šŸ™‚

  3. My rewards include feeling superior to 99% of the people that surround me, knowing I can beat them in a race. šŸ˜› You may be on to something though…

    Oh, and races are a lot cheaper if you bandit them. šŸ˜€ You might consider it for smaller, rinky-dink races.

  4. i think thats awesome your rewarding yourself. maybe a vacation with your boyfriend? a cruise or something?

    oh, i was also thinking about doing the dallas half. what do you think?

  5. wow
    that jameson is funny.

    Im gonna go the serious route then.
    new nike air rifts
    bought from ebay
    sans bidding and just BUY NOW option.

  6. incentive is good. I think i may need to adopt your reward system.

    i mainly need to justify buying a new tv, so running is a good way to get one guilt-free.

  7. Evan: Trust me, my immediate reward will be food. I need to research pancake houses in the area.
    Sarah: I’m tempted, so tempted!
    Jameson: But small races are cheap anyway.
    Bamarunner: Mannn, I would have to run A LOT of miles in the next two months to afford a cruise. And I highly recommend the Dallas half. I did it last year and it was a wonderful course and the DRC did a great job.
    MizFit: I just googled those shoes and they are so cool! I might just by them anyway, like…now.
    Grounded Fitness: Hehe exactly. I’m doing this to justify buying myself things. Because now I can totally be like, “I HAVE to buy it. I ran a marathon.”

  8. Hooray! Signing up for races is always so exciting. The more expensive they are, the more FINAL it feels, too. Speaking of which, you could reward yourself by signing up for more races… šŸ˜‰

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