Daily Run: Where’s the Rain?

September 13, 2008 at 1:58 pm | Posted in Daily Run | Leave a comment

Time of Day: 6:25 AM

Weather: Foreboding

Duration: 2 hours 26 minutes

Estimated Distance: 18 AT LEAST

Notes: I thought I was going to have a hurricane story to share today, but thankfully I do not. The wind started to pick up towards the end of my run, but before then it actually helped to move along the humid air and keep me cool. But I just beat it home. The wind started getting a little crazy soon after, but we still haven’t gotten any rain.

My run was hard today, and definitely longer than necessary. My running route isn’t on Google maps or mapmyrun.com, nor do I have a fancy schmancy Garmin, so I have to estimate my distance based on time. Today’s run was based on an 8:00 min/mile pace to make sure I got at least 18 miles. However, I ran faster than that in the first half of my run, which made me go longer than 9 miles, I’m sure. And because I run out-and-back, I then had to go all the way back with waning energy.

This was my longest run ever, but it’s still about 8 miles short of a marathon. And when I was doing a cooldown walk around the block, that fact bothered me a little. I ran decently enough today, but it was hard enough to make me wonder if I could have done another 8 miles.

So I’m trying to think positively and remember that the marathon is still two months away (as of tomorrow!) and I have plenty of time to increase my endurance. Next week I’ll just go out a little slower at the beginning of my run, maybe drink some Gatorade beforehand or something.

To keep this post from getting unnecessarily long and boring, here are some recent observations about my long runs, in bullet form:

  • I get a sudden surge of energy at the 2 hour mark. Yay home stretch!
  • Mocha Clif Shot Blok is my favorite thus far. Today I managed to get it all in my mouth instead of everywhere.
  • I may need to try eating more beforehand or taking an extra Shot Blok. Ran out of energy today in the middle. I had a Kashi Soft-Baked Snack Bar (yum!) before I left.
  • Long runs and studying don’t mix very well, since I cannot function for like, 5 hours afterwards. I call it the Post-Long Run Crash.
  • Long runs and house cleaning also don’t mix well.
  • It takes a very long run to make me take a nap. And Cooper and Francisco are absolutely essential to this purpose.

Francisco is a bit of a snob and won’t look at the camera. Cooper is trying to look at you, but he’s cock-eyed.


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