Happy Birthday, Dad!

September 14, 2008 at 2:03 pm | Posted in Baked Goods, Food | 2 Comments

Today is my dad’s birthday, and birthdays are a wonderful excuse to bake cookies. My dad loves cookies, so last week I made him two different kinds and hoped that they arrived in Germany intact and still fresh.

Dad shares my love for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I have a wonderful recipe, but I saw this one and needed to know if it is better than mine. (Check out the blog in the link; it’s pretty amazing). I made a half batch using the exact instructions. I used Nestle semi-sweet morsels and the new Starbucks chocolate for the milk chocolate (which I thought was delicious). Luckily, my old memory card works in my new camera, so I have photos.

Great recipe. These were delicious! A half batch was still huge, by the way. Were they better than my favorite recipe? No, I still like mine better, which I am very relieved about because I would hate to be disloyal. I do, however, really like the consistency from the ground oatmeal and the use of the two kinds of chocolate. I may try tweaking my own recipe a bit to steal test these good ideas.

I also made a half batch of Espresso Double Chocolate Chunk cookies. I knew Dad would like these because they contain chocolate, chunks ‘o chocolate, and espresso. And because Martha Stewart makes darn good cookies.

This half batch didn’t make nearly as many cookies as the oatmeal recipe. However, I did manage to save myself a “testing” cookie. You know, for blog review purposes. There it is in my hand shortly before being consumed. It was very good and intensely chocolatey. I wouldn’t eat these cookies before trying to sleep at night.



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  1. Hi, Jess. Thanks for the shoutout! 🙂

  2. Thank YOU for the great recipe! Both of my parents loved your cookies (so did I).

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