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September 15, 2008 at 4:51 pm | Posted in Food, Fun, General Health, Nutrition | 4 Comments

I am sitting here getting progressively more sore from this morning’s strength workout, watching the stock market fall, and checking out the awesomeness that is the 10-day forecast for Austin (54 degrees tonight, really?). It’s time to be a little more productive, and that means sharing the internet wealth and then answering a reader question.

It’s Joanie! Check out the story about her daughter on the second page. It’s hilarious.

This woman makes something new in her crockpot Every. Single. Day. Perhaps I should buy one.

I actually won something? Net surfing pay-off! Score! Thanks, MizFit!

Are you doing the Amish Workout?

Reader Question

Last week a reader (imissaustin) asked me a question:

My question- what kinds of things do you eat for breakfast after these morning runs? Do you have a snack first, and how quickly after you finish do you eat… and do you think this is important? I’m just curious because I don’t see you post much about your breakfasts, but I assume that’s because you don’t have time.

I answered the question briefly in the comments section, but I think it’s worth some extra discussion. The thing is, I think I could be a better example of fueling and refueling at breakfast time, so please feel free to chime in.

I don’t eat anything before a normal run and this is rarely a problem for me. A lot of people eat a snack before running, so I advise you to do whatever works for you. I do eat something small before my weekly long run and because these have been getting even longer, I take a gel with me. On Saturday I went more than 18 miles and only ate a Kashi Soft Baked snack bar beforehand and a Clif Shot Blok during. I ran out of energy and need to experiment with taking in more fuel.

I rehydrate immediately after all my runs, but I like to enjoy my breakfast, so I wait until after I shower. This usually takes a while because first I stretch and roll out, and immediately after I shower I blow dry my hair (it will be flat if I wait longer).

I’ve heard that you should refuel within 30 minutes of a workout, but I’ve also heard a 1 hour rule. I usually go by the 1 hour rule for normal runs. After long runs, I refuel pretty much immediately, shower or no shower.

Weekday breakfasts are usually scarfed down with black coffee while watching CNN. It’s often cold cereal, which I like to blend by using several kinds in one bowl. I also cut up fruit and mix it with my cereal. I look for cereals that contain a lot of fiber and low amounts of sugar. Here’s what I ate for breakfast this morning, all in one bowl:

  • Cheerios
  • Kashi Cinnamon Harvest
  • Nature’s Path Acai Apple granola*
  • A few strawberries
  • Sliced banana
  • Blueberries
  • Plain, light soymilk

I also eat oatmeal a couple times a week. It’s usually 1/2 cup oats cooked with 1/2 cup soymilk, 1/2 cup water and chopped fruit. I just make it in the microwave.

*Nature’s Path granola is the only brand I buy, because all the others I’ve seen have awful nutritional information. Thanks, but if I want to consume that much fat and sugar, I’ll just have a cookie.



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  1. Thanks for the elaboration. It makes sense that you only really worry about a pre-run snack on your long run days. I used to never snack before I ran, but I kept reading about how it is important not to start on an empty tank, so I began eating half a banana and the other half with my breakfast later, but I don’t always feel that it’s necessary, nor do I always have time before running to have a snack. And I am the same way about breakfast- I cannot eat until after I shower. I think running in Texas does that to you- coming home completely drenched with sweat isn’t appealing. I’m glad to know you take longer than 30 minutes, too… i should spend more time stretching and less time in the shower. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I don’t run as far as you, but I don’t eat before either. I’ve tried because I’ve heard you should, but it made it harder to run. Why do that to myself?

  3. I’ve heard that you should eat if you are exercising for longer than an hour. I’ve also heard 75 minutes, 90 minutes…so who knows? Because it’s hard to get a definitive answer, I think people should just experiment to see what works. Some people can eat an entire meal right before running, some can’t eat a thing.

  4. nice site. Keep up the good work. Im going to add you to my rss feed.

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