Strength Day: Jess Cheats on Running

September 15, 2008 at 10:04 am | Posted in Strength Training | 1 Comment

Time of Day: 5:40 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: About an hour, split up

Notes: A funny thing happened today: my alarm went off and I was relieved that today is my Off Day and that I was going to the gym to lift weights instead of running. Maybe because my left calf is a tight little ball of pain, or maybe because my stomache is all crampy, but how odd to want to go do strength training instead of getting my daily endorphins.

The weather was incredibly cool and breezy–a perfect morning for running. And yet, I skipped merrily to my car and drove to an indoor exercise area.

Inappropriately wearing a cross-country championship shirt from 2003 instead of a giant red letter A, I completed an awesome workout (I’m in week 3 of the Dynamic phase of that core workout).

But don’t worry, someone was on a very squeaky elliptical and the noise was extremely irritating at 6 AM, and I looked longingly outside at the wasted perfect running weather.

By the way, all the treadmills were taken. Why, why, WHY get on a treadmill on such a gorgeous morning!?


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  1. Great job on the mileage for last week and i felt great working out today too.. dont you love that! I have to laugh at your comment about the elliptical.. I am so obsessive with stuff like that.. if someone is on a machine making noise or doing something that bothers me I cant focus and get a good workout it.. the squeak would drive me crazy

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