Daily Run: I Guess I Just Like It

September 18, 2008 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Fun | 5 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Tad warmer, but still nice. Cloudy. Few sprinkles.

Duration: 1 hour

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 7.91 miles.

Notes: Last night I got home late, and by the time I got done making and eating a quick meal, cleaning up, and doing a few chore-type things, I decided that it was too late to study and that I was too tired anyway. So, I curled up on the couch with Self magazine and watched part of a 20/20 special on the British Royal Family while drinking tea and eating a Cadbury’s chocolate bar (How very British of me. That’s a shout out to you, Mumsly).

Anyway, I was all relaxed and content, and suddenly I had an awful thought: I’m getting up at 5:20 AM and going running. And then I felt bad for having said thought, worried I was losing motivation, interest, burning out, etc. Of course I got up this morning anyway, but it took me a good 15 minutes to actual feel functional and I felt much foggier than usual.

But then I went running and it was magical. In a very, very hard way to explain. I wasn’t particularly fast like I was on Monday. My speed was good, but I did tire at times and my legs felt a little heavy. The clouds covered up the moon, so there wasn’t a beautiful sky either. I couldn’t get up the hills as

My run was, dare I say it, FUN. Unexplainably so. I told myself that I would turn around at 25 minutes and run another 25 minutes home, but procrastinated on turning around and added a few more, then added a little loop, then added a few minutes when I got close to my house, because you know, might as well make it an even hour of running at that point.

It started raining in the last few minutes. Just little, refreshing sprinkles. After my run I walked for a minute or so in the rain and then stretched outside on the front step, watching it.

But then I went inside, turned on the light and CNN, and the magic ended. I could hear the rain coming down faster, and started thinking, “Ugg…that’s really going to mess up my commute. Hope it doesn’t make me late for my 9 AM meeting. Uggg…I have a 9 AM meeting.”

It’s ok, though, because tonight when I’m sitting on the couch, I’m going to remember this morning’s run and be happy that I’m getting up at 5:20 to do it again. I’m also desperately hoping that the magic happens when I go lift weights after work today, which I am not currently looking forward to.

But enough about MY run

Dallas runners, go to the Why Does Jess Run? page and answer Britt’s question.

IN ADDITION, it’s Take it and Run Thursday over at Runner’s Lounge, and this week’s topic is to share your favorite running blogs. I don’t read a lot of blogs that are exclusively about running, but here’s a quick list of the running blogs that I read almost every day:

  • Training for a Half. And I’m not just saying that because tfh listed me as one of her faves, but because she writes a genuinely interesting and motivational running blog. Also, I’m going to check out her other favorite blogs, because it looks like I’m missing out on some good ones.
  • Christie’s blog about sports nutrition. She’s always got interesting research information and she started the fun Blogger Secret Ingredient game.
  • Feet Meet Street is hilarious. I discovered this blog after reading about him on MizFit, which is another amazing blog that I read daily, although running is not her preferred method of cardio 😉
  • Ghost World because I’m amazed that Sarah can fit running into her life so well! 

Am I missing any particularly wonderful running blogs? Let me know so I can read them!



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  1. Woo hoo! Another early morning runner! Great blog!

  2. I really need to learn to run earlier. I think it would be quite enjoyable to run knowing that most people are still sleeping. Just me and the Earth. 🙂

    Great job.

  3. sounds like a FANTASTIC run 🙂 love those ones!

  4. aww, i just saw this! thank you! funny because this week running has been completely thrown by the wayside because work just got so crazy. i am excited to do a run outside today though (i am off!). thank you for the shout-out!

  5. I will leave the morning runs to you. Unless there is a big shiny medal and a post race spread, I do not rise early to run.

    Thanks for the shout out! Run on…

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