Daily Run: Post-Gyro Pre-Long Run Day

September 19, 2008 at 1:02 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Food | 5 Comments

Time of Day: 5:30 AM

Weather: Almost cold! A beautiful, clear sky with lots of stars.

Duration: 40 min.

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 5.27 miles.

Notes: I had a doctor’s appointment before work this morning, so I had to get up even earlier than usual. My alarm was set for 5 AM, but my weirdo internal alarm got me up at 4:58 and started screaming, “Jess, JESS, get up and turn off the clock before it makes that annoying noise! And it’s Friday! And it’s time to run!”

So I did get up to run, and it is not much different at 5:30 AM than 5:50 AM. At this point, it’s dark for all my runs. If I’m lucky enough to run for a long time, I may see a little sunrise.

My legs are always tired by Friday. Today was no exception, but I’m hoping that my easy run will get them ready for tomorrow’s Long Run. My longest run ever, in fact. The Big 20.

Last night MSB and I had delicious Greek food. I wish I had a picture for you, but here’s why I don’t:

*Getting ready to leave for amazing Greek dinner*

MSB: I want to see your new camera!

Jess: Oh you will in a few minutes!

*MSB and Jess exit stage. Camera remains forgotten on counter just moments after it is discussed.*

So I suck, but I had a typical combination plate: chicken, gyro meat, dolmade, salad, pita, and a meatball(!). It was tons of food, but the leftover meat was delicious on a salad at work.

I believe we’re going out again tonight. The camera is in my purse, although that does not mean I won’t just forget to take a picture entirely. I’ll be trying to get a good pre-long run restaurant dinner. Tomorrow you may get pictures of How NOT to Fuel as I reward myself for running 20 miles (if I live, of course). We shall be tailgating the University of Texas football game. There shall be bbq and beer. For free.



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  1. So weird about that internal clock, eh? Still works even when you’re getting up at a new time.

    Have fun with the 20 miles. Crazy to believe you’re already up there! Hope your legs will be well-rested but well-behaved enough not to go out superfast because of it. 😉

  2. Ahhh the 20 mile run. Where the proverbial shit will hit the fan, one way or another. Tomorrow at this time you’ll know where you stand, young lady.

  3. I’m just amazed that you can wake up that early!!! Do you run with music?

  4. good luck with the 20…i’m certainly impressed! I’m not doing that kind of distance, but I have offically decided to run the half marathon on the 2nd! I was following the Hal Higdon plan, but I’m straying from that a bit. I’m comfortable at ten miles now, so hopefully I’m good to go? hopefully….

  5. Girl on Top: Nope. No music for me. Getting up early does take some getting used to, but for me it’s easier than going after work.
    Sara, Yay! I’m glad you’re doing the half! If you’re already comfortable at 10, that’s good. You still have a while anyway.

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