Daily Run: Fartlek, and Maybe a Raccoon?

September 23, 2008 at 11:27 am | Posted in Daily Run | 10 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Officially Fall. Officially 15 degrees warmer than last Tuesday.

Duration: 1 hour

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 7.91 miles.

Notes: There’s nothing like a good, hard hour of running early on a Tuesday morning. I had moments of speed today. I randomly picked up the pace several times, although I didn’t get up that last hill nearly as quickly as desired. I’ll call today’s run a fartlek. It was fun.

I’m usually fast the day after my off day, but this is the third week of hard running before my reduced mileage week, and I can feel the onset of fatigue from the past few weeks of hard work. I was not quite as fast as last Tuesday, and I have little twinges of pain on my body that I am currently trying to not freak out about. Also, trying not to Google said pains. Do not do that. That is how hypochondriacs are born.

Seriously, my sister went to WebMD for an explanation for her constantly cold feet. She decided she had thyroid cancer. But I digress…

New shoes are in the mail. I’ve decided that they will fix everything. And so will ice.

Today I saw an unidentified animal running ahead of me. I think it was a raccoon, hopefully sans rabies, but it was too dark to see. Yesterday, my co-worker told me that her husband saw a coyote on one of his runs. I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear her. I’m always hearing rustling in the brush on the side of my running trail–I have to pretend the noises are all caused by squirrels (sans rabies) or I will drive myself insane.

Or make myself run faster out of fear. Hmm…



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  1. hey. i saw you were interested in chi running. i am still in the beginning phases, but its been going well. its all about your form and how for foot strikes the pavement. i have noticed i have been running alot easier and seem to have less aches and pains. tomorrow i am going to attempt a barefoot fun on the soccerfield and see how that goes. i highly recommend buying the book; its a good read and should help your running.

  2. See, I could totally run with you in the morning (if I were faster and lived nearby) because I would have totally chased down the animal out of curiosity ;).

    I’m glad you ordered new shoes. I’m sure the twinges are all completely normal and your body is simply rewiring itself to become a stronger machine. Whatever you do, trust me and stay away from Google and webMD.

  3. HA – I just posted about all these little twinges and such are freaking me out big time (marathon in 11 days). It’s just a head trip from cutting down mileage, I think.

  4. New shoes sound good. I need one soon! Or maybe want, rather.

    Great job.

  5. hahaha/ I try not to google my symptoms!

  6. uh oh, my feet are always cold 😛

  7. We ran the same time, the same pace and just about the same distance! Why cant we live near eachother to be running buddies?? Tuesday morning I usually have a lot of nervous energy so I run fast and hard…

  8. I dont know if my last comment went through but… i will try again.. we ran the same time, same pace and just about the same distance… too bad we dont live in the same area!

  9. I once had numbness in my right thumb and forearm…so what did I do? I googled that phrase. Every answer that came up? STROKE! So I cried a lot, and called my mom, and she took me to the chiropracter…turns out I had pinched a nerve in my neck. STAY AWAY FROM THE GOOGLE MACHINE!

  10. bamarunner: Thanks. I’m curious and may check it out. Glad you’re updating your blog again!
    P.O.M.: Uh oh…the infamous Taper Madness!
    tfh: I wish you could run with me and protect me from animals!
    Christie: I have often thought that when I look at your workouts 🙂
    Everyone else: Take twinsky’s advice and “STAY AWAY FROM THE GOOGLE MACHINE!” Haha I like that.

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