A Thought for the Weekend

September 26, 2008 at 3:39 pm | Posted in General Health, Life | 7 Comments

I was just reviewing a few flashcards for my ACE exam. Here’s one:

What are the key components of a healthy life?

Answer (in bulleted, fits-on-notecard form):

  • Physical activity
  • Good nutrition
  • Stress alleviation/managment
  • Psychological balance
  • Routine check-ups

Do you have a healthy life? Would you add anything to this list?



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  1. Having fun & laughter! Well, I guess that could be classified under stress alleviation. I think surrounding yourself with non-toxic people is important too.

  2. Sex?

  3. I agree with Andrea, “non-toxic” people are very important.

  4. Let’s see. I think I need to work on the stress alleviation aspect.

    Evan –> physical activity?

  5. hmm, i would agree with evan. and add ‘love.’

  6. relationships.
    social network.

    having at least one SAFE PLACE TO FALL in your life.

  7. I love all these additions!

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