Foot Update

October 1, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Posted in Injury | 8 Comments

There was no Daily Run today. I’m not planning on one tomorrow, and unless I am miraculously cured, there will be no 20-miler on Saturday. I’m also not quite satisfied with the podiatrist that I saw yesterday. He was…ok. I don’t like that he left the decision to run up to me. I’m on prescription strength anti-inflammatories–how should I know if running is safe if I’m medicating the pain? So, tomorrow afternoon I’m going to meet with the sports trainer at my alma mater and hammer him with questions. Us cross-country runners used to say that he had “magic hands.”

I’m actually feeling a little better…physically. I think that I caught this injury early enough for it to be a semi-minor problem. Mentally and emotionally, however, I’m going a bit insane. I know that sounds melodramatic, but I’m stressed about my running injury, and I deal with stress by…running. It’s also difficult not to dwell on my foot because I’ve been instructed to ice it for 20 minutes every hour. Every. Hour. So, on the hour, I get up from my desk and get my ice pack out of the breakroom freezer. Every co-worker who sees me asks about it, so I get to chat about it all day as well. I dislike chatting about running injuries with people who clearly do not understand, and who would probably be thrilled if they found out that they couldn’t exercise. Also, it’s really cold in my office. Ice does not help.

All decisions about running, racing, training, etc. are being put off until tomorrow afternoon when I talk to the sports trainer. I’m planning on lifting weights tomorrow morning, maybe doing the elliptical if I’m feeling crazy. Wish me luck.



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  1. I lie to my officemates if I have a running-induced injury. They already tell me how dangerous running is all the time. (In the same vein, I can’t call in sick because they’ll tell me it’s because I’m a vegetarian.)

    Good for you for resting. And for seeking a second opinion. I did read a book by a podiatrist once, though- “Running Injury Free” perhaps?– and he said in most cases where injuries are caught early he can figure out how to allow the person to keep running without exacerbating the injury. Maybe just hubris, but I hope not!

  2. i hope it continues to feel better! you are doing all the right things. i hope opinion #2 tells you something concrete too… i would feel the same way about the dr. – just tell me what to do! good luck!!!

  3. Glenn does have magic hands. He healed my ITBS rather quickly

  4. I am sorry about your injury troubles. I don’t even run that much and people tell me it’s bad for my joints. So annoying.

  5. If there’s anyone who can fix your foot, it’s our former trainer! He fixed my tendonosis up so quickly!

  6. happy weights day.

    maybe weights only? more foot rest?

  7. That’s a lot of icing!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Running is a lot more comfortable barefoot on soft grass. Try it sometime. Worked well when I had knee issues.

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