Strength Training: Not My Burn of Choice

October 2, 2008 at 11:32 am | Posted in Strength Training | 6 Comments

Time of Day: 5:30 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: About an hour, split up

Notes: I got a nice burn in my muscles this morning, but I wanted a burn in my lungs too. This is my second day in a row with no cardio, and I miss it already. I could do the elliptical, but I’m going to wait until I talk to the trainer tonight. I can’t decide whether my foot is healing or if the anti-inflammatories are kicking in.

Speaking of the anti-inflammatories–I’m nauseous. I also started a new medication on Sunday and I think that the combination is hurting my tummy. It could also be the delicious sushi I had for lunch yesterday, or perhaps the new Halloween decorations in the office. Either way, I feel ill.

At least I had a good strength training session. I did the same long workout that I did on Monday, plus some extra ab work. I didn’t do the jumping part of the Ultimate Abs workout because I didn’t want to risk hurting my foot. I’m going to be very buff after this week.

I don’t wear a heart monitor when I exercise, but I think strength training still gets it up a bit. I move pretty quickly through the exercises and I could feel my heart beating rapidly while I was doing back extensions.

In awesome news, I got free Starbucks today. I didn’t make coffee at home because I showered at the gym and then went to an orthodontist appointment. I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work, and all the employees were sitting outside because of “dangerous fumes” inside. They were closed, but had free coffee outside! With Grande cups! Maybe that’s why I’m nauseous.



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  1. does your gym have one of those arm crank machines? I forget what its called, but think an exercise bike for your hands. you sit and pedal with your hands. Its or handicapped people at my gym. Since your arms are so close to your heart it gives you a MAJOR cardo workout. legless cardio, i guess you would call it.

    If they dont, you could probably sit on the floor and use a regular bike. might get some weird looks, but i get them all the time 😉

    Kelly Turner

  2. Hope you get good news from the trainer tonight so you can get back to running ASAP! Glad you’re listening to your body though…better to take a few days off now than take a year off if you kept going and it got worse!
    I was wondering if you do any lower body/leg weightlifting? Since I’ve started running more (and it’s still not nearly as much as you!) I’ve kinda held back on my lower half since my legs can take a beating from the running. I don’t want to wear them out too much but I feel like I should still do some strength training for them. I’ve just been using lighter weights or just doing lunges, squats, etc. Thoughts?

  3. hahaha dangerous fumes?!?! that can’t be good for business.

    hey, i feel your cardio pain. i’ve been off for almost a month and a week. got hit by a car. sucks. i’m hoping to run starting this weekend. slowly. that’s also going to suck. buti’m trying to be optimistic about it. so hang in there, tho just saying it obviously doesn’t make it better. great that you can see your trainer tho!!!!

  4. Reminds me of the time a friend and I decided to meet at Panera Bread for lunch only to find it was currently on fire and — get this — they wouldn’t even let people in. Didn’t they realize how hungry we were? 🙂

    Unfortunately, they weren’t giving away free food.

  5. I keep checking back every morning hoping I will see a post that says something like…”I feel wonderful and ran 10 miles this morning like The Flash.” It sucks that you’re not 100%. I can totally relate, I’ve had to sit it out for a while due to health issues before. It’s hard to give up the endorphins, and the stress relief, and that overall feeling of superiority 😉 Hope your back at it soon!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Kelly: I’ve seen those arm crank things, but I can do the elliptical, so luckily I don’t have to use that!

    Justy: Currently, the only leg exercises I’m doing were given to me by a doctor. They’re on the blog: click on the Therapy tag or go to the Injury category. Lunges, squats, and hamstring curls are all great exercises for runners. I don’t want to add anything new before the marathon, but I might try those after.

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