Cross-training: Day 2

October 4, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Injury, Training Method | 4 Comments

Time of Day: 9:00 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: 45 min. elliptical, Ultimate Abs, 15 min. elliptical

Notes: The only good thing about cross-training is that I can’t do it until the gym opens at 9 AM on Saturday. So, I caught up on sleep last night! I also ate breakfast and drank coffee before working out, which is not usual for me. This would upset my stomach during a run, but the lack of bouncing on the elliptical makes it just fine. I think the fuel and caffeine helped me go faster today.

It was actually a very good workout. I went fast on the elliptical and threw in some speed intervals. I also went backwards a few times (almost fell off once). I definitely got my heartrate up, so I feel good about the elliptical keeping me in shape.

I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, stopped to do the dynamic exercises of Ultimate Abs (linked in sidebar), and then got back on the elliptical for another 15 minutes. I was really tired by this time and ellipticized(?) at a significantly reduced pace. Part of marathon training is exercising when you are fatigued, so I’m trying to bring that into my cross-training since I missed a 20-mile long run today.

The elliptical does not appear to bother my foot, but my foot still hurts. It’s getting better, so I really hope I can run again by Monday.

Off to ice again!



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  1. Glad your foot is feeling better!

    I sometimes fall off the elliptical too, esp. when I’m trying to go fast, but my foot is not and I just hope that nobody is looking…lol

  2. I used to love the elliptical before I started running. That and the stair master that’s like walking backwards on an escalator. I’m glad you feel like you’re getting a workout. Sometimes I didn’t sweat at all but I probably needed to up the resistance.

  3. I”m glad the elliptical is working for you! I think it’s great for low-impact stuff.
    I’ll be thinking good thoughts about your foot! Sounds weird, I know. 😉

  4. Oh good. I’m glad the elliptical is providing some sort of outlet for you!

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