Daily Run: Not Sure What to Think

October 6, 2008 at 1:07 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Injury, Strength Training | 12 Comments

Time of Day: 5:20 AM

Weather: Humid and sprinkling, because the best weather must happen when I’m on the elliptical

Duration: 30 min.

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 3.96 miles

Notes: I’m sure you’re all just dying to know how my first run after a short rest went, right? The short answer: I don’t know. The long answer: the run went fine; no pain and I was very happy. Then my foot started to hurt after the run, and I was extremely bummed. Then I iced a few times and the foot feels ok again. Now I’m relieved, but confused and a little scared. I only stopped running for five days, but I could already feel a slight difference in cardiovascular fitness. It’s amazing how quickly we lose aerobic conditioning.

I had my follow-up with the podiatrist today. He was happy to see improvement and gave me some Biofreeze samples. Biofreeze is a topical pain-relieving gel similar to Absorbine, but umm…for humans. I put some on about 90 minutes ago and my foot is still freezing.

The podiatrist also went over my x-ray, which did not show any bone problems. I’m meeting him next week to discuss orthotics if I have not improved. I’ve been wanting to try orthotics because I think a great deal of my knee pain stems from the way that my foot hits the ground, but orthotics are expensive. Do any of you use orthotics? If so, describe your feet and gait to me, if you can, and tell me if you recommend them. I supinate and have high arches.

Strength Training

I got enough sleep this weekend, for once. I immediately negated the extra rest by not sleeping well last night and then getting up at 5 AM so that I could squeeze in both a run and my weights before work. Could I have waited and done weights after work? Yep. But apparently I just don’t like sleeping.

I got in my whole workout, except for my therapy exercises. I’m a time management champ! I’m in week 2 of the Dynamic Strength exercises for Ultimate Abs. I’m still omitting the jump exercises in this program until my foot improves.



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  1. I was going to ask you the same thing about orthotics- I have been having/ignoring heel pain for a while and finally went to a podiatrist last week. I think you inspired me. I had an x-ray done and do not have a heel spur (what I was worried about) but I do have plantar fasciatis. I was given a cortizone shot last week and feel much better, though I am pretty sure that’s just temporary. I was able to do a 10 mile run over the weekend (my version of a long run) with no after-effects so far (I iced afterwards) but the doc’s main advice is to get orthotics. Not only can I not afford these right now, I would really like to know if they will prevent this in the future. I’d love to know if other people have invested in them and found that they are a cure. From what the pod. said, I have normal arches and they are falling (or my left foot anyway) which is causing the ligament to stretch and become inflammated when I use it extensively- like running 30+ miles a week. The orthotics are supposed to correct this. I am just wondering if they are worth it, or is this just podiatrists answer to everything?
    Thanks for listening- I’d love to hear what you decide!

  2. I have high arches and supinate, too. I tend to see lots of wear on the outside of my shoes, early on. I’m guessing you have a better footstrike since you’re faster– I really wear out my outer heels fast, so I’m hoping more cushioning will make a difference. But the insoles were under $20 and recommended to me by the guy at the running store who was kinda cute, so I figured it can’t hurt to try.

  3. tfh: Thanks. Our feet sounds similar. Let me know if they work!

    imissaustin: I will let you know what I learn about orthotics. I had plantar fascitis for a lonnnggg time and it was not fun! I didn’t have a cortisone shot, but I had one for my knee once and it didn’t help. I think it’s a good sign that you did a 10-miler with no after effects. Hopefully you caught this early. I used a night splint for my plantar fascitis and it worked very well, but it’s awfully annoying. I don’t know much about fallen arches, my plantar fascitis was from increasing my mileage too rapidly.

  4. Aaah, my first comment is just be careful. I’ve had knee-hip problems due to improper foot alignment, so I’m familiar with the subject and have worn orthotics (every day) for many many years. (while my arches are ok, my feet roll inwards at the heel… at first i was told i had flat feet, but that really wasn’t correct).

    one thing that is key is proper diagnosis for your ailment. My knee pain was actually due to my feet, not what one might think. Things start at the bottom, so yes they are worth the money (if that is what you need).

    orthotics can vary by how they are made… sometimes they’re only as good as your pedorthist (or podiatrist, or orthopedic or whatever the heck they are). My last pair I decided to try eSoles. Check them out online and see for yourself what you think. The good thing with them, is that once you get your eSoles made, you have time to wear them and can get them adjusted. Even if you go see your doctor, be sure they follow up on how they are working for you, and go slow with the mileage for a bit so everything gets used to the new alignment!

    wow i could go on for hours here, it’s a topic near and dear to my… errr… feet 🙂 they really can help tremendously (i’d never be able to live my life like i have w/o them), but they are an investment so I just wanted to add my two cents. hopefully it made sense, if you have any other questions let me know…

  5. One of my leg is slightly shorter than the other, but that has yet to pose a problem. I don’t think I walk funny, except my brother, a future chiropractor, noticed that immediately when he saw me. I don’t wear anything for it though. I probably should look into that though.

  6. I’ll look in to the eSoles- thanks. And this night splint thing- I haven’t heard about that! Perhaps a combo of that and generic insoles would be a good test for a while. And I didn’t realize they could come about by adding mileage too quickly. that is good to know. it’s always something, isn’t it?
    Also- Girl on Top- my doc said that everyone has one leg slightly longer and one foot slightly bigger. Who knows- perhaps yours is more noticeable, but if it hasn’t affected you so far, than you’ve probably adjusted for it.
    I am going back to the podiatrist on wed. and I am going to ask about the night splint.
    Thanks! and good luck- I think you have plenty of time before the marathon to make all your training worthwhile.

  7. I hope you are ok! I don’t want you to get really hurt.

    So, what is white whole wheat flour? I saw you suggested is as a baking substitute, but I am not sure I know what it is.

  8. It is scary how fast one can get out of shape cardiovascularly. When I had my surgery and went back to running (after 6 weeks off), it was like starting back at the beginning. I hope your foot is healing.

  9. checking back in—-you got some GREAT SUGGESTIONS.

    I was gonna say orthotics, perhaps?

  10. I DID get some great suggestions! Thanks everyone, I really, really appreciate all of this info and support.

  11. re: polenta: use a whisk and keep stirring. have everything set up ahead of time, and then add the polenta to the liquid slowly. polenta gets lumpy when it doesn’t get the attention it deserves!

  12. […] them a try if I can find them. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful support and information that you gave me. You’re such a cool set of internet-and-running-addicted […]

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