Just a Few Quick Notes While I’m Bored

October 9, 2008 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Fun, Running News | 6 Comments

Philip Hersh of the LA Times compiles a list of the 10 Greatest Women Marathoners. First of all, thank you, LA Times, for actually caring. Second of all, make Catherine Ndereba’s mokimo for dinner. It’s good carbo-loading fuel.

Epicurious is doing a series on worldwide recipes called Around the World in 80 Dishes. Looks good, and you may be seeing some new ethnic foods on See Jess Run.

Kelly just helped me upgrade my wardrobe via online shopping. I didn’t buy any of JCrew’s new yoga clothes, but I did hit up the sale section.

TFH gave me some good news concerning the Sofsoles. They’re available on Road Runner Sports and are marketed under the RRS brand.  I’ll be asking Mr. Magic Hand’s opinion this afternoon. Also, I really enjoyed TFH’s post for today (although I do every day), so head on over.

A co-worker bought two Clif Bars, gagged on one, and promptly gave me the other. It was the Chocolate Chip flavor.  I tasted a little yesterday and it was ok, but nothing special. I put the rest in the fridge and then nuked it for a few seconds this afternoon when I needed a snack. It turned warm and melty and tasted like an actual cookie. Moral of the story: warm up your Clif Bars.

After I meet with Mr. Magic Hands, I’m going to lift weights at my alma mater’s gym, if it decides to be open for once. Yay for workout variety!

Current surprisingly sore body part: my lower back from the elliptical workout.

Does anyone else have Columbus Day off on Monday? I’m spending my three-day weekend in MSB Town (Houston). What are your plans?



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  1. NO i do not get Columbus Day off. What kind of country is this when some people have to work such a glorious holiday?

    I think Friday is a glorious holiday too. we should all get that off. every Friday.

    Kelly Turner

  2. I’ll have to remember that about the clif Bar. I usually like them compared to other ones.

  3. no 3 day weekend for me 😦 BOOOO

  4. agreed on the warming of any bars! I hope your appt. goes well… i just had to smile reading your post abot your run… as a runner the joy is in the moment.. in the back of your mind you know later this MIGHT not be the best thing… but it doesnt stop you from running longer haha

  5. I LOVE CLIFF BARS (and dont get people who dont like the bars…any bars).

    and Im not off monday unless you wanna babysit?


  6. Thanks for the appreciation and the other links. Warming Clif bars really makes them cookie-like? That’s exciting! I will have to try. Have a great time in Houston– we DO get Columbus Day off, but I forgot all about it so I’m scrabbling to make some last-minute exciting plans.

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