Daily Run: Wet and Grumpy Wednesday

October 15, 2008 at 9:31 am | Posted in Daily Run | 4 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Humid and raining

Duration: 51 min.

Estimated Distance (based on an assumed pace of 7:35/mile)6.73 miles

Notes: I am not one of those people who enjoy rainy days. I find it difficult to be in a good mood after spending far too much time in traffic, arriving at work late with wet feet and flat hair. That being said, however, I welcomed the rain after running for a few minutes in the suppressive humidity. It was a relief by that time, although it did nothing for my vision and yesterday’s beautiful moon was covered completely by clouds.

However, things could be worse: I could have been sprayed by a skunk this morning. I almost ran into one. And I mean, directly into one-it was standing in the path and I almost didn’t see it in the dark. I screamed, reversed, and sprinted until I felt that I was sufficiently out of spray range to turn around and check if it had left. I escaped unstinky, and I’m rather impressed with my reaction. No police arrived on the scene, so I guess no one heard me or I’m sure there would have been some 911 calls. At least I know that if I’m ever violently attacked, my attacker will be deafened, at the very least.



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  1. Ugh feel your pain about rainy days putting you in a fould mood. Good thing you got away from the skunk though – I bet that improved your mile time a bit! 😛

  2. Close call! Good thing you have such quick instincts. Maybe you met up with a deaf skunk?

  3. i almost had death-by-squirrel while running last week!! serious!!! so scary. the squirrel jumped from a stone wall on one side of the sidewalk to a tree trunk on the OTHER side of the sidewalk, JUST as i was running between the two. AHHH,… i couldn’t stop in time so i just put my arms up football touchdown style, covered my ears, and closed my eyes……. HE WENT OVER MY HEAD. phew. good thing i’m not REALLY 5’8″ (5’7″ and 3/4, hahaha). damnnnnn.

  4. This Texas weather lately has been disgusting! I’m ready for the humidity to be OUT OF HERE. I think we’re supposed to get a break this weekend…just in time for my 5k, yay!
    And running in the rain? I recently discovered I hate it. I ran one morning last week in the rain (thought I could get through the run before it rained) and I won’t do it again. My feet were squishy, water was all in my face, and I had to run with one eye closed because I thought my contact was about to float out of my eye. Not fun.

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