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October 15, 2008 at 1:37 pm | Posted in Food, Nutrition, Other, Product Review | 6 Comments

The nice people over at Myoplex recently sent me some free products to use for refueling after a hard workout. Thanks, Myoplex! And now that you have my contact information, feel free to pass it along to Brady Quinn as well.

Last week, I received a very exciting package containing the following:

The nutritional information is included in the links. I like Myoplex’s website, by the way, so check it out.

Over Columbus Day weekend, I had the chance to try all three products.

Myoplex Lite Ready-to-Drink (in the box at the back of the picture)

I downed this smoothie-like drink immediately after Saturday’s long run. First thought: Yum! I loved both the consistency and the flavor: not too thick, not too thin, not too sweet. I also liked the balanced blend of vitamins and minerals. Some “energy” products have scary percentages, like 500% of vitamin B, or something along those lines. In all three Myoplex products, none of the vitamin percentages exceed 100%. Much safer. I also like that this shake contains very little sugar and no saturated fat.

However, this product is heavier on the protein side and quite light on carbohydrates. Protein is good and will help my muscles repair themselves, but an ideal recovery product for a long run contains more carbs to replenish the depleted glycogen stores. I ate some fruit with this shake to add a few carbs. I bet this would be delicious poured over cereal (or in coffee!).

The ingredients list is a little long and scary for me. I think I can pronounce maybe…two things on there?

Did this product help me recover? I had a great run the next day, so it sure didn’t hurt. I have three more of these shakes and I’ll be using them again and looking for trends. Overall, I liked this product.

Myoplex Lite Nutrition Bar (two bars at left in picture)

I didn’t have long to wait until lunch after my hour long run on Sunday, so I ate this bar immediately afterwards in lieu of a real breakfast. It is very chocolatey, but in a good way. I needed more water after eating it. I liked the crispy texture, which saved this bar from being too dense.

Like the shake, this bar has a good blend of vitamins. However, it is much higher in sugar and contains a bit too much saturated fat, in my opinion. Also, if you are one of those people who avoid high fructose corn syrup, you will be rather disappointed in the ingredients list.

On the plus side, this bar kept me full for hours. Also, I do think it helped me recover a bit faster. Goal accomplished.

Myoplex Deluxe Bar (two bars at right in picture)

MSB ate about 1/3 of this bar after lifting weights. His review: “I recovered. It was tasty.”

I ate the remainder of the bar in the car on the way home from Houston on Monday. I drove over lunch, so I made a meal out of the bar, some cashews, grapes, and a Kashi soft-baked snack bar. It was an odd lunch, but did keep me full.

The Deluxe bar is my least favorite of the three products. The taste was just ok-a little too dense and chewy. I also felt a bit weird a few hours later, although that could be a coincidence.

I believe this bar is meant to be more of a mini-meal replacement, not just a recovery product. I did not enjoy replacing a meal with what seemed like a chocolate bar. I prefer real food. It has a long, complicated ingredients list like the other two products. Like the Nutrition bar, this bar has a good blend of vitamins but a bit too much fat and sugar. Also, do I need 30 grams of protein at once? I’m not so sure.

Myoplex was kind enough to send me two of these bars. I want to try the other one after a 20-miler. I think that will allow for a better review, and will also save me the trouble of blending up my recovery smoothie.

In Sum

I’m impressed with the taste and nutritional information of the Ready-to-Drink, and believe that it helped me recover. I’m not sure how much this product costs at my local grocery, but I would consider buying it if it is not overly priced. I’m awfully glad that Myoplex sent me four of these shakes.

I like the taste of the Nutrition bar and can’t believe how filling it is for less than 200 calories. I’m less impressed by the nutritional information, but it’s not terrible. I would consider buying these on sale.

I’m not a fan of the Deluxe bar. It’s not terrible, but I find it a little…strange? If, however, it leads to some recovery miracle after my next really long run, I will change my mind and become a Deluxe bar t-shirt wearing mega-advocate.

To be honest, the ingredients list on all three products is a little scary. I don’t like to feel as though I’m pumping my body full of artificial chemicals. I have Diet Coke for that.

Now I’m done. Heehee.



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  1. Great review. It seems like even the more natural or partially organic products (like Clif Recovery drinks) have ingredient lists that make me wish I’d paid more attention in chemistry. Still, the convenience can’t be beat AND who knows– maybe a few of those odd additives have some help-ya-recover science behind them?

  2. Thanks for the review. I have tried the drinks before, but never the bars so I’ll have to give that a try.

  3. I wholeheartedly approve of the reference to Brady Quinn.

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