Good Lucks!

October 17, 2008 at 1:07 pm | Posted in Racing | 7 Comments

I’m so selfish, how dare I go on about my toe when so many people are racing this weekend!

Good luck to all of you! And especially:

May you all run swiftly in fair weather. I expect race reports!



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  1. Thanks! Good luck to you once again.

    Which toe is hurting? That wouldn’t be related to tendinitis, would it? Hopefully it’s one of those things that mysteriously appears and then disappears quickly and never comes back.

  2. Thanks! I’m kinda nervous about it cuz I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m excited! Hopefully it’ll go well and then I’ll sign up for the 10k’s I’ve got planned 🙂
    Hope your toe feels better! Good luck at your race this weekend!

  3. what about me!!!?? im competing in the race to get shot gun on the way to the movies. and I WILL WIN.

    Kelly Turner

  4. good luck! you are going to ROCK this thing! the fury of jess will be unleashed upon unsuspecting masses 🙂 have a blast!!

  5. good luck everyone! i’m racing on sunday- santa monica 5000- let’s hope i do this 5k jus tlike i did in knee’s hurtin again. good luck everyone! next step for me is a 10 k hopefully in dec!

  6. Thanks everyone.
    Good luck Tra! I hope your knee holds up. Put lots of ice on after.
    Kelly: I know you’ll win. Fight for it!

  7. Awe, thanks for the shout out! I hope everyone’s races went well!!

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