Daily Run: Food for Next Morning Ruination…Almost

October 21, 2008 at 10:17 am | Posted in Daily Run | 9 Comments

Time of Day: 5:35 AM

Weather: Crisp and clear. Good Fall running weather.

Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 8.44 miles

Notes: I made a delicious new meal last night. It was also easy and nutritious, and I was very excited to share it with you. However, after making two emergency bathroom detours during this morning’s run, even after going before I left the house, and then going again after I got back, I became much less enthusiastic about my new recipe. Because you see, last night’s meal broke the Cardinal Rule of Food for Fuel: Thou shalt not induce diarrhea. I’m sorry, Southwestern Couscous Salad, but that’s grounds for immediate disqualification. I don’t care how many of the World’s Healthiest Foods you contain. You are in fact Food for Next Morning Ruination.

But this morning’s situation was only a minor annoyance, and not physically and emotionally scarring, so I will move on with my life. I’m rather pleased with my body’s ability to recovery from Sunday’s race. Yesterday, I rolled out my legs as soon as I got home from work, and this morning I was no longer experiencing musculoskeletal death, but just a mere ache. My legs performed more than decently this morning considering they raced just two days ago. Nonetheless, I was kind to them and did not push the pace (but did add several minutes worth of bathroom detours).

Also, I got my RaceReady shorts in the mail yesterday! I’m saving them for my long run this weekend. I cannot even believe the amount of pockets in these things. I think that carrying my Shot Bloks just got a whole lot more comfortable. I’ll let you know how they feel after Saturday’s run.



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  1. Wow, thank goodness you had mid-run bathroom availability!

    I read about race ready shorts on someone else’s blog. What is the main attraction, pockets and comfort? How are they so different from other shorts?

    And I just read this: http://www.runnerslounge.com/knowhow/index.cfm?ID=1&AdviceID=763d56ef-6791-4646-a7d3-bd0f36f1656c

    in the runner’s lounge a revised updated 20 mile run advice from the Running Laminator. And I was curious– do you carry water with you? And are the Shot Bloks meant to be taken with water? When do you eat them?

    Thanks so much. I am so not even close to running 20 miles, but I like to start mentally wrapping my mind around it:) I want to get there!

  2. Lacey: I bought the RaceReady shorts because I couldn’t find any others with adequate storage room. These have way more pockets than I will use, but that’s better than not enough! I’m not sure on comfort yet–will let you know.
    Thanks for that article. He has some good points, but some that I disagree with based on my own preferences. But, we runners all have our own preferences.
    I don’t carry water, but I am lucky enough to do most of my long runs on a trail with water fountains. Shot Bloks are meant to be taken with water, but I’ve taken them without and been fine. I think 1 per hour is a good guideline, but experiment to see what works for you.

  3. Ah, yes. Thou shalt not induce diarrhea. Have you seen those international dietary cards that translate phrases like “I am allergic to nuts” or “I don’t eat shellfish” into dozens of languages? I think we need to make one for “Thou shalt not induce diarrhea.” Hope you figured out which ingredient(s) did it so you can avoid them (or that combination) in the future. But hey, if legs (and, ahem, all appendages attached thereto) are feeling ok despite race, that’s the most important thing!

  4. Holy cow you are fast! Great job on the 10k. And best of luck with the marathon training!!

  5. oh my, that doesn’t sound good… maybe for lunch instead?

  6. Goodness, that certainly makes for an annoying run. I have unfortunately felt your pain in that respect. Grrr!!

  7. Wow you are so fast! Glad you were able to take a pit stop!

    About the wheat berries, I cooked them for about 20 minutes, which is less time than I normally would cook them, but I knew I was also baking them.

  8. good LORD Im less and less sucked into running with all the BATHROOM STORIES flowing (rimshot!) my way as of late 🙂

  9. MizFit…HA!

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