Daily Run: Treatment for Unenthusiasm

October 22, 2008 at 11:30 am | Posted in Daily Run | 9 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Clear. Temps in low 60s and no wind. Perfect.

Duration: 52 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 6.86 miles

Notes: I had a superb run this morning, but this has not been the current trend. Lately I’ve felt less enthusiastic in the mornings. This has been continuing for several weeks, although Sunday’s race definitely rejuvenated me for a few days. I’m attributing my waning pleasure to the following: a) I’m not getting enough sleep; b) I’m scared of the dark; and c) I’m paranoid about injury.

I slept well last night (working on Reason A), and this morning’s run made me feel much better about Reasons B and C as well. In fact, once I’m outside under a clear sky and a bright moon, I sometimes like running in the dark. I arrived back at the house this morning wondering why I hadn’t wanted to leave. It was a wonderful, relaxing run and my legs are recovering speedily. I didn’t sprint up any hills, but I wasn’t slow either. It was…FUN. And isn’t it wonderful when you can say that about exercise? Also, I keep telling myself that Reason B won’t be an issue anymore in just two weeks, when the time changes and I get to see sunrise again.

Reason C…still in fear of the foot. Both feet, actually, are still sore in several spots. I’ve heard that this paranoia is part of the marathon training process, as are the constant aches and pains. My fear is that running will cause injury, and not running will be…well…not running. I’m certainly not injured and I am being diligent with icing, the fear is the progression of the achiness into actual injury.

So, I’m toying with the idea of getting on the elliptical tomorrow. Which will do nothing for my enthusiasm over getting up tomorrow morning, but will hopefully alleviate Reason C and make me more enthusiastic about running, just like this morning.

On a semi-related note, I need more comfortable, supportive shoes to wear during the day. Preferably cute ones. Suggestions?



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  1. Sometimes I think you’re my swifter sister from a different mister. The only reason I’ve been cross-training so diligently lately is because the gym seems less hateful when it’s dark and cold outside, and because overawareness of how my foot feels takes a lot of joy out of running. Not to mention I can bike half-asleep but running half-asleep means I’m jumping out of fear at my own shadow. As for shoes, lately that “fear of being injured” has me in my New Balance slip-on sneakers daily. Not cute. Not quite right with my work trousers. But practical. Otherwise I’m a big fan of Dansko.

  2. I love a good run in the mornings myself. I am training for a marathon so I can sympathize with the “pains” that you start to notice. I try to get on the elliptical one or two days a week and it’s hard. I’d SO much rather be outside but it seems necessary. GOOD LUCK!!

    I wear Danskos every single day. They are pretty cute but they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Also, ECCO just came out with a new style of shoe sold at Nordstrom. It’s a flat.

  3. Thank you both! Why must online shoe shopping be so difficult? I need to try things on, which means I must go to actual stores. Blah.

  4. I live in Tory Burch reva shoes… they have elastic in the back of them and are sooooo comfy! If you’re looking for flats that is… They might seem slightly pricey for everyday work shoes, but the rubber soles last forever!

  5. sorry to hear about your foot…somehow my knee and shins hurt more- perhaps i need to get new running shoes? it’s been 7 months…
    i hear ecco is really comfortable.
    btw i rocked my 5k- pr’d with 26:24. =D yay for getting faster!

  6. can you wear NIKE AIR RIFTS during the day?
    what’s that you say?
    not appropriate?


    those and my cowboy boots are my staples…

  7. Yay good job, Tra!

  8. […] you all for your shoe suggestions. I looked up all those brands, and it appears that I need an entire new shoe wardrobe, a bigger […]

  9. […] Reasons A and B for my unenthusiasm are taken care of. Reason C, however, still has me concerned. My Achilles is […]

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