Daily Run: In Which the Readers Actually See Jess Run

October 24, 2008 at 11:36 am | Posted in Daily Run, Strength Training | 9 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Chilly and breezy

Duration: 40 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 5.27 miles

Notes: This morning marked the first long-sleeved run of the season. The temperature was approximately 20* colder this morning than Wednesday morning, with a nippy little wind to boot. It’s not quite gloves and ear band weather yet, but long sleeves for sure.

I’m worrying about the foot again, although it seems fine right now. I cross-trained yesterday and think that I need to make myself do that at least once a week. I’ve been told that all these little aches and pains are quite common in marathon training, so I’m going to ice and cross-train, but I’m also going to keep running unless this gets worse. I think I will also go to a specialty running store for some insoles. My feet are somehow not getting enough cushioning.

I plan on running long tomorrow, but I haven’t decided how far yet. I can’t do a 20-miler with a half marathon coming up next Sunday. I think I’ll go for an even 2 hours, which should put me somewhere between 15 and 16 miles. Any opinions on this? Is that too much distance only 8 days away before a half?

Thank you all for your shoe suggestions. I looked up all those brands, and it appears that I need an entire new shoe wardrobe, a bigger closet, and an extra $1,500. Email me if you would like to donate to my Foot Comfort Charity Fund. I’m going shopping after work today. I will probably get overwhelmed and end up buying nothing.

Strength Training

I did this last night after work, but decided to roll it all into one post for simplicities’ sake. And also to make you read a really long post.

Because they were my only clean pair left, I wore my new RaceReady shorts to lift. They have an Ipod-sized pocket right in the front with a velcro flap to hold it. I don’t run with my Ipod, but I do lift weights with it and this was a great feature. However, if you are concerned about showing a lot of leg, I suggest that you do not get the short, v-notched shorts. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while bent over doing tricep extensions, and it appears that the man on the elliptical was not staring at my bright yellow shirt, as previously thought.

I did 2 sets of 15 reps of the following arm exercises:

  • Lat pulldown
  • Lat row
  • Shoulder press
  • Vertical butterfly
  • Chest press
  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep dips/extensions


  • 30 inclined sit-ups holding a 6-lb. medicine ball
  • Home therapy exercises
  • Ultimate Abs core workout (linked in side bar). I’m in the Base week, phase 2, which means I have a sore lower back right now.

Last But Not Least

In yesterday’s discussion, Toni J. asked me if I had ever posted a picture of myself on my blog. I have a few times, for example here, here, and several here. However, none of these pictures are of me running. Now if I were you, and if I were reading a blog called See Jess Run, I would be feeling extremely ripped off by now. I’m a bit surprised that I have not received thousands of angry emails from around the world telling me how I am deceiving and depriving my readers by oh…not letting them see Jess run.

So why have you never seen Jess run? Well, because this is my most unattractive moment of the day. I look better when I first get up in the morning than when I’m running. If I was unfortunate enough to have a mirror across from my toilet, I could probably tell you with full certainty that I look better going to the bathroom than when I’m running. When races have professionals taking photos and I get an email asking me to buy them, I always laugh a little as I instantly hit Delete. Do they honestly think I’m going to pay for that? I don’t know why I named my blog See Jess Run. I really just want you to See Jess Clean, Coiffed, and Preening.

But, as luck would have it, an acquaintance of an acquaintance saw me racing on Sunday, and snapped a picture. So without further adieu, let me present to you…Jess running!

I guess it’s not too bad, as far as racing pictures go. I’m leading a pack of men, one only half-clothed. Bang Waveage is at a minimum. And I’m catching some serious Aiiirrrtiiimmme, baby!



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  1. 1. As race photos go, that is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Did your friend ever consider a career as pro race photographer?

    2. I have a mirror across from my toilet! When I saw the way our apartment bathroom was set up, I found it insane, but now I’m quite used to it, and yes, I look much cuter on the toilet than I do running.

    3. Good luck shoe/insole shopping! I am now wearing Superfeet in my running shoes and the soft arch supports I got in my work shoes, and I’m too superstitious to recommend either of these methods, but let’s just say I don’t un-recommend them. When I took out my arch supports for the race (dumb idea), that’s when I experienced a recurrence of pain.

  2. You incredibly less tired than your fellow racers. 🙂 I hope you mocked them as you passed them in the race.

  3. Not sure if you should run that many miles, but if you feel good then you should do it. Sometimes it’s nice to just feel it out and run.

    Maybe you should rebrand yourself and name your blog, “In Front of the Pack”?

    Great job on the run!

  4. Looks like a great race pic to me! You definitely look stronger and faster than those boys behind you! 🙂
    I can’t wait to run in this cooler weather we’ve been having! I’ve taken this past week off from running (my body was hating me) and of course that’s when it cools down a lot. I’m looking forward to starting back up again next week! 🙂

  5. AWESOME picture — especially the lagging men behind you 🙂 and, on a shallow note, your leg muscles look fantastic!

    as for the run, i personally would say it would be okay as long as that run is done at a relaxed pace — then you get the benefit of the ‘on your feet’ time without really taxing your muscles badly. however, i would make a promise to yourself to cut it short if the foot starts acting up because it would not be fun to have to recover from that all week before the half.

  6. Whoa I just noticed your “Jess fact” on the side that you were born in Dayton, Ohio. I just moved here to Texas last June from the Dayton area! Lived there since I was 11 and I was ready to get out! Just thought it was a weird coincidence!

  7. tfh: I got Sorbothane insoles. I think I like them. We’ll see.
    Jameson, Girl on Top: Thanks! And that’s an awesome blog name. So much better than mine.
    Justy: No way! I actually moved when I was 4 and don’t remember it. Houston must be a huge change for you!
    Sarah: I didn’t read your comment until after I ran today, but interestingly I did exactly what you said to do 🙂

  8. I think that’s a kick ass picture Jess!
    What about: See Jess Kick a Bunch of Ass?

  9. Look at that STRIDE!

    Thank you for appeasing me 🙂 Truly I read your blog all the time, so now I can put a face to a runner!

    I am considering these shorts now… I have a few Nike pairs but the pocket on the inside is so damned small, it barely holds my apartment keys!

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