Daily Run: Earning Lavish Amounts of Peanut Butter

October 25, 2008 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Product Review | 2 Comments

Time of Day: 7:35 AM

Weather: A bit chilly at first but warming up to Perfect. Sunny and clear.

Duration: 2 hours 1 minute

Estimated Distance: 15ish miles

Notes: Fifteen miles is probably too far the weekend before a half marathon, but I compromised by going slower than usual. Interestingly, this is exactly what Sarah advised me to do, but I didn’t read her advice until this afternoon. Great minds think alike, Sarah. 😉

I didn’t get tired at all until the last few miles, which makes me happy. My legs don’t feel great now, but they did just pound out 15 miles, just a little slower than usual. My foot started to ache on the bottom, but not until the last 15 minutes of running. I got Sorbothane insoles yesterday, but it’s probably too early to say if I like them or not.

I do however, love my new RaceReady shorts. My Clif Shot Blok (mocha) fit perfectly in one of the front pockets. I only needed to carry one today, but I could have carried many. Besides being convenient, the shorts are extremely comfortable. I felt like I was wearing nothing at all.

I felt good about this run, and even though I know I didn’t tire as easily because I ran so slowly, I think it’s a good sign that I can get through 15 miles without dying. I just hope the foot continues to hold up.

It’s a beautiful day and I think I might study outside. Also, I voted this morning, so now I can nag you to go do that as well. And remember, You Can Vote However You Like. 😉



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  1. Great job on the run! I tried Clif Shot Bloks for the first time in Orange. It was yummy. I’ll have to try Mocha next time. Have you ever use Gu and what has been your experience with them?

  2. I haven’t used Gu yet. They sell Shot Bloks at my grocery store, so it’s too convenient to just pick them up there. I did use a Power Gel once and didn’t like it.

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