Cross-training: Let’s Get This Over With

October 28, 2008 at 11:52 am | Posted in Cross-training | 6 Comments

Time of Day: 6:00 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: 50 min. elliptical

Notes: I stuck to my promise and did the elliptical this morning, and I expect a full turn-around from my feet. They’ve had two days of non-impact activity in a row now, which I expect to not only heal all my pains, but make my feet stronger and faster STARTING TOMORROW, FEET, DO YOU HEAR ME!?

Except I bought cheap shoes at Target on Sunday and now one of my heels is bleeding profusely. But the shoes are purple and cost $20, so shut up, Feet, you will wear them and you will like it. 

Because I totally rule on the elliptical, I expect that my quadriceps will be sore. This is why I got my cross-training over with early in the week; wouldn’t want to risk sore quads for Sunday’s race!

Yesterday’s wind is gone, but it was cold enough this morning for several old ladies to nag me for not wearing a coat to the gym, ensuring me that I will “catch my death. Where is your mother, young lady!?” In Texas, of course, this means that it is simply “Woo! I get to wear a sweater!” weather and will even warm up to “Woo! I get to wear a sweater and flip flops at the same time!” weather later this afternoon. It’s easy being a runner in Texas. Two days in a row without running! Can’t wait to get back tomorrow.



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  1. Why is it that profuse bleeding is no big deal when it comes to feet but any slight internal twinge is grounds for weeks of worry and consternation? Well. I hope yours will be grateful for the non-impact days and feel fine, bleeding aside, tomorrow. As for the weather, I’m envious. I think your wind but not warmth has come this way.

  2. i have had many bloody heels from cheap target shoes!

  3. “Because I totally rule on the elliptical”

    Hahahaha, you’re the best

  4. Where in Texas are you?
    Don’t those ladies know that running in the cold doesn’t actually cause a cold?

  5. Good luck feet!

  6. tfh: Seriously!
    Erin: Austin. And they don’t care. They just want to nag.

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