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October 29, 2008 at 2:56 pm | Posted in Fun | 25 Comments

Edited to add: This is now a “sticky” post, which means that it will appear at the top of my blog until I choose to “unstick” it. New content will appear beneath. I’m thinking of replacing it with another sticky post question/poll once a week (or whenever I feel like it). Thanks for participating!

So I was bored for about a second, and then I noticed that WordPress added a new Poll feature. Guess what I’m playing with now?

Note: I blatantly ripped off the poll on the Runner’s World homepage.

And now I’m going to copy Erin from Care to Eat. She challenged her readers to leave a comment about where they are from/currently live. This raised my curiosity. So, where are you from/living? I know there are a lot of people out there reading See Jess Run and not commenting, so join in the fun!

I’ll start: I’m currently living/blogging in Austin, Texas. Places I have lived (get ready): Dayton, Ohio; Watertown, NY; Berrien Springs, Michigan; Baumholder, Germany; Fort Monmouth/Eatontown, NJ; San Antonio, TX; Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Drum, NY; Oswego, NY; other places in the Austin area.



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  1. Hmmmm…parent in the military?
    Grew up in Ft. Worth, TX, college in Lubbock, TX, been in Portland, OR since 2001 – my 7 year anniversary is Monday!

  2. Yeah Jess!
    I’m the opposite of Andrea, my partner in blog. 🙂 I grew up in Portland, lived in the bay Area for 6 years as a kid, then moved back to Portland. I spent a little over a year in AZ and I’ve been in Lubbock for grad school since August 2007.

  3. I’m reading from San Angelo, Texas!

  4. Andrea: However did you know? The constant moving? The “Forts”? 😉

  5. Fun one… Currently in Everett WA

    Can relate as a brat, and being in myself: Seattle, WA; Lynnwood, WA; Everett, WA
    Denver, CO; Fort Collins, CO
    Plattsmouth, NE; Bellevue, NE; Ft. Sill, OK; Ft. Riley, KS; Montgomery, AL; Whitman AFB, MO
    Ramstein AFB/Vogelweh, Germany; Lakenheath AFB, England

  6. Welcome amanda and Aaron!
    Amanda: I’ve been to San Angelo for a track meet!
    Aaron: Ramstein, nice. The parents are in Germany yet again.

  7. I am from Israel but have been living in Prague, Czech Republic for the past 9 years

  8. currently blogging from boston, but I’ve called upstate ny (albany area) and philly my home as well!

  9. im a cali girl… im from the central coast (near san luis obispo and santa barbara) but now am in the bay area about 25 miles east of san francisco!

  10. oooh, well i’m technically from Watertown, MA (didn’t know there was a watertown, NY!!) but i tend to lump myself with the Boston crowd 🙂

  11. Well, as you know, I’m currently in Houston! I’ve been here just a little over a year now. Lived in Dayton, OH (your birth place as I learned recently!) for 11 years prior, then lived in South Dakota 11 years before that. And we skipped around to Abilene, TX and Arizona somewhere in between (I was too young to remember). My dad was in the military as well so we moved some…but not as much as a lot of families!

  12. hi! a marathoner reading from cambridge, ma!

  13. Hi! delurking! found you off of rw…anyway, I’m in north jersey. that’s new jersey. back to lurkdome 🙂

  14. So I said the same thing on Erin and Andrea’s blog, but this is the gist of it!

    Originally from Galesburg, IL, lived in Davenport, IA, and a short time in Madison, AL…but now…

    Nashville, TN!! aka Music City USA 🙂

    I just graduated from Belmont University (music business!!) and looove living here!!

    P.S. Lucky you living in Austin! One of my BEST friends from growing up lives there!! I’ll be visiting next April. I’m in her wedding! 🙂

  15. I can’t answer the poll! You need an “All of the above” LOL

    Baltimore, MD BTW

  16. Hola Jess! I’m from Minnesota originally, but now my parents live in Arizona…and I go to school in Chicago!! I’ve also lived in North Carolina…so I’m all over the place 🙂

  17. Wow, way to inspire the comments! Nice.

    I have multiple personal goals, but the main one, I think, is “Have fun.” And I’m currently living in Fairfax, Virginia, but grew up in Western Massachusetts and went to college in Connecticut.

  18. Welcome everyone! I’m so excited to “meet” you all!

  19. Currently living in Boston, MA (where it is FREEZING today!)

    I grew up in Chicopee, MA… and I’ve lived in Cambridge, England and Bethel, Lesotho (in Africa).

  20. I’m reading from St. Louis, MO.
    are you getting nervous about the half on sunday yet? I am. I don’t know why, but I keep imagining that something bad is going to happen. Any words of wisdom? or are you in the same boat?

  21. I live 55 NW of Chicago. . .

  22. Grew up in Darien, CT… lived in Alicante, Spain for 6 months (studying abroad counts, right?) and currently live in New York City, NY!!

  23. i needed a choice for ‘i run to destress, have me-time, and for the way it makes me feel and because i just like it!!’

    i live in chapel hill, NC despite being a duke fan. i grew up in philadelphia pa and spent 4 years in cold-ass williamstown, MA.

  24. Born in ATL. Grew up in northern cali. Going to school in Dallas.

  25. I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I always check up on it because I’m training to run the Philadelphia Marathon in November. I did the half last year and this year I’m going for the full. It’s interesting to compare training and read your updates (and steal recipe ideas!) I’m definitely not as fast as you and I have not been a runner for quite as long, but my goal is just to finish the marathon alive!

    But anyway, I grew up in the Philadelphia area, lived in Sydney, Australia for half a year, went to school at Penn State in central PA, and now after graduating last May I’m living in Virginia outside of Washington DC teaching 2nd grade 🙂

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