Daily Run: Are You Tired of This Yet?

October 29, 2008 at 11:34 am | Posted in Daily Run, Running News | 9 Comments

Time of Day: 5:55 AM

Weather: Cold. No moon. Dark.

Duration: 42 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:35/mile): 5.54 miles

Notes: Are you tired of listening to me complain about my supposed injuries? Because I’ll tell you, I’m pretty tired of getting them. And icing. And stretching. And stressing. The top of my feet, the sources of my last freak-out, are fine now. My left Achilles, on the other hand, randomly decided to start hurting today. This is scary because I know that Achilles tendinitis could easily sideline me for weeks. And that just can’t happen now. So, I’ve scheduled an appointment with my ART practitioner for tomorrow, and I’m going to quit whining about it until then.

Today’s run was short, and the next few will be even shorter. The elliptical did not make me as sore as expected, so maybe my legs are used to it now. They felt ok today, certainly no where near as fresh as I want them to be on Sunday. So, a restful few days of running ahead.

Also on Sunday, the ING New York City Marathon! AND Daylight Savings!! A big weekend in running, for sure. Check out the NYC Marathon preview. *Chanting* Paula! Paula! Paula!

By the way, Sister called to say that her cookies arrived safely and are delicious. She sounded cheerier. So, the Bake or Break Favorites are officially good cookies for shipping. And for cheering up sad sisters.



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  1. oh no!!! i had achilles probs when i switched shoes and it was PAINFUL. i was told that it would be most painful starting out running but as i warmed up it should feel a little better, and then would be painful again when i was done running. that was all true. stretching my calves/hamstrings seemed to help a little.

    the only thing that finally helped it was a lot of time not running (aka when i got hit by a car= that was THE ONLY good thing, the achilles pain has completely disappeared, even tho i’m running in the same shoes= makes sense? no! so weird, i don’t get achilles). if your ART has any wisdom about achilles pain explanation/prevention/solution, please share!!! good luck jess…

  2. my husband had achellies tendonitis when we were training for SFM… it was not fun. his was due to improper stretching (esp his calves) so just make sure to stretch them out!! the dr. told him to do the one that you have your hands against a wall and are stretching one calf behind you, then you bend your knee and it drops the stretch down more towards the achellies area. i have heard ART does great things for it too so hope that works!

  3. Aron and Jess-

    I was told to do that same exact wall-calf-drop stretch!! you can def feel it…

  4. I’ll be sending positive thoughts toward your feet and lower legs. As for Daylight Savings, it couldn’t be more welcome– getting an extra hour of sleep pre-race is lovely.

  5. So sorry about your ongoing injuries!! I’m actually really excited about the NYC marathon. I live really close to Central Park so coming home I pass the huge stands being set up for people to watch from. Very exciting!! I plan on watching the end of the race and doign a 6.2 mi run that day to commemorate those doing the full 26.2!

  6. Thanks for the Achilles info! I love having a network of blogging runners!
    catms916: Wow! I’m so jealous! Take a pic of Paula for me!

  7. ~sigh~ i’m tired of injuries, too… :-/ except you’re still running awesome races, so you win 😛

  8. did you get my email back to you on your question?

  9. Hope your injuries get better soon!
    And I’m interested in this ART thing. My left shin has been acting up (I’m pretty sure it’s just shin splints that are being stubborn and not going away). So I took a week off last week, ran Sat & Monday and they still hurt (so I’m taking the rest of this week off as well). I actually called someone about ART yesterday after reading a little about it. I’m still debating it cuz it’s fairly expensive and I don’t think my insurance will cover it. But I’ve heard good things! I’m just getting impatient with these shin splints not going away…and praying that it’s not really a stress fracture (although I think that’s unlikely). Any insights on ART?

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