Halloween Weekend Highlights

November 3, 2008 at 12:21 pm | Posted in Food, Fun, Restaurants, Sandwiches, Wraps, and Burgers | 7 Comments

Friday Dinner

MSB and I went to Hungry’s for some pre-Halloween party grub. After much debating over their large and delicious-sounding menu, I settled on the Grilled Chicken on Focaccia sandwich. It came with an iceberg wedge salad, which is not a healthy kind of salad, but was very yummy. (Don’t you hate it when salads aren’t healthy though?)

In addition to chicken, the sandwich had sundried tomato pesto, provolone cheese, grilled eggplant, and roasted red bell peppers. It was also big enough to bring some home. Yay!

Halloween Party!

MSB’s medical school had a Halloween “Block Party” (celebrating the end of block 1 of their tests). It was in a big, crowded bar in downtown Houston. MSB attended as Jim Halpert from The Office (complete with business cards) and I, of course, went as this NYC Marathon winner.

I didn’t get a full length picture of my costume because, well, I’m an idiot. But, it was last minute and nothing special. And it made me very, very cold. I had a race bib that said ING at the top over the number 1, and then Radcliffe at the bottom.

Look who I ran into:

Clearly my soulmate. Unfortunately, he was married and shorter than MSB. Oh well.

Sunday Lunch

MSB and I have been eyeing a Turkish restaurant next to the current favorite bar, so we decided to go to Istanbul Grill for lunch before I left on Sunday (and no, we did not stop at the bar first). I had the Adana Sandwich, which contained spicy lamb and veggies. Very good.

I peeled back the bread so you could see the filling. Aren’t I nice? That’s red cabbage in there, if you’re wondering.



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  1. yummy food and great costumes!! sounds like an awesome weekend 🙂

  2. Um based on what I know about you from your blog, that is the most absolutely fitting costume ever! Please say you wore the uber short running shorts/undies that I used to sport on my high school -country team…

  3. HAHAHA Prefontaine! That’s awesome!

    I’ve seen Miss Radcliffe run in what I consider to be glorified bathing suit bottoms… did you do that!? If so, +10 pts for MAJOR cojones

  4. I had on very, very short shorts, but not the bikini bottoms, which we lovingly refer to as “spankies.”

  5. Ha! What a great costume for you. Glad you had a fun weekend. 🙂

  6. love the pics…and shortshorts in public? you my hero 😉

  7. […] In adorable news, someone else dressed as a runner for Halloween. And I don’t think he’s married like the Pre guy. […]

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