Weekend Wrap-Up

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Another weekend of fun and good food–this time in Houston for MSB’s birthday. I think I went a little overboard on the running mileage and both feet are killing me, but tomorrow is a day off and an ART appointment.

White Rock Marathon is exactly four weeks away!

Friday Dinner

MSB and I were dinner guests at his friend’s gorgeous condo. His friend is in graduate school for restaurant management and is a fantastic chef. He made roasted chile rellenos with a cilantro sauce and quesadillas. The chile rellenos were roasted, not fried, and stuffed with rice, beef, and cheese. It was a wonderful meal and if he ever opens his own restaurant, I will be a regular.


Saturday Long Run

Time of Day: 8:00 AM

Weather: Windy and a little chilly, but sunny.

Duration: 2 hours 7 minutes

Estimated Distance: 16ish

Notes: Now that I don’t get lost every time I run in Houston, I’m beginning to like it. It’s flat and I have access to a soft trail, which is much easier on my body. My 16-miler was…ok. I felt very good until the last 20-30 minutes, but that’s to be expected. I didn’t get enough sleep Friday night because we went to a late showing of the new James Bond movie, and it was difficult to get my run started. My aches and pains held up decently, especially Cranky Knee. Good job, Cranky! My Achilles was fine for most of the run as well. I started out slowly, but was able to increase my speed slightly towards the end, which is a good sign.

I had a Snickers Marathon Energy bar before my run because it worked well when I ate it before the IBM Uptown Classic. It worked well for my long run too, and because it’s also delicious it may become my bar of choice.

Saturday Fun

If you’re a beer lover and visiting Houston, I suggest you head over to Saint Arnold Brewing Company, which is what we did on Saturday afternoon. For only $5, you get a short tour of the brewery and four (large) samples of different beers. My favorite was Lawnmower.

I took a picture of MSB and me with our beers, but it didn’t come out well so this one will have to do instead.


On Saturday we went to dinner at Buon Appetito with MSB’s parents and grandparents. It was a small, charming Italian restaurant. I had the Veal Marsala and tiramisu for dessert!


Sunday Run

Time of Day: 9:20 AM

Weather: Cold but sunny

Duration: 57 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 8:00/mile): 7.13 miles

Notes: I’m not going to lie, this was an awful run. Note that I calculated my pace slower than usual, and it may have been even slower. I should have taken an ice bath after my long run, not refueled with beer, slept a little more…perhaps today should have been a cross-training day. I would have been much happier running 40 minutes, but unfortunately I got a bit too far away from MSB’s apartment. My Achilles hurt, but did warm up. Now everything hurts.

I have one more week of hard work and then tapering begins. Wow.

Sunday Lunch

Unfortunately I had to leave on MSB’s birthday, but first I took him to Hobbit Cafe for lunch. It’s an interesting, cute restaurant with a Lord of the Ring’s theme. Yes, really. The restaurant is 30 years old and based on the books, not the movie, which…makes it slightly less dorky? But honestly, it has wonderful food and the theme is part of the fun. I had the Grilled Mahi Mahi Sandwich with shredded carrots on the side. We were starving when we got there and inhaled some chips and salsa as well.


Time to get some sleep after a busy and fun weekend!



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  1. Glad to see your legs held up fairly well! And as for your run today, I think a little soreness is to be expected after a 16 mile run the day before!
    We did the St. Arnold tour last summer! Even though I’m not a beer fan, the boyfriend loved it! And good idea going when it’s cooler…we went in August last year and it is NOT air conditioned in there. Yuck.
    Oh, and Hobbit Cafe is one of our favorites! And my boyfriend is a huge dork and LOVES the Lord of the Rings theme. He read all the books and was obsessed with the movies. I, on the other hand, suffered through the movies with him.

  2. Good job on your runs Jess!

  3. great job on the runs and can you even BELIEVE it’s only 4 weeks away.

    or is that just cuz Im not doing the training.

    who can say.

  4. YAYY i am so excited for you, so tapering begins with 3 weeks til the marathon?! awesome awesome, and that’s plenty of time for your feet/knee to rest/recover, too, right? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! we saw the james bond movie, too! loooooooooove daniel craig…..ahh.

  5. 4 weeks will be here SO SOON!!! awesome job on your runs… hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Wow 16 miles?? No wonder you’re sore! I have a question about your marathon training – generally when you’re training for a marathon what is the most you’re supposed to run beforehand? For my 10k’s I always train by running a little further than I will need to in the race, but expect this is not the case for marathons. Same question for half-marathons… do you go over the 13 mi mark in training??

  7. catms916: Most people do a few 20-mile runs, which is the longest I will be doing. There are a few crazies out there who do more. For half-marathons I usually do about 14, but you don’t have to. I think it’s a good idea that you train for 10Ks by doing a little more.

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