Food for Fun: Happy Birthday Cookies for MSB

November 17, 2008 at 1:39 pm | Posted in Baked Goods, Food | 9 Comments

MSB, being an intelligent person, loves cheesecake. I have never tried making a real cheesecake and had a sneaking suspicion that his mother would be baking one (she did), so I didn’t make the attempt. Also, the logistics were too hard–I would have to bring the cheesecake to work with me, where it would probably be attacked by co-workers if I left it in the breakroom fridge. Whatever the co-workers left me would then need to be transported to Houston, and while I am not above eating cheesecake off the floor of my car, I’m not sure if MSB feels the same way.

But then I remembered this recipe on my to-do list–a cheesecake filled cookie. How can you not bake a cheesecake filled cookie? And what could be better than a cheesecake filled cookie?

A chocolate cheesecake filled cookie. That was an easy one, people, come on.

So I decided to use the filling from the above recipe and pair it with the chocolate dough of another stuffed cookie from the Oatmeal CookieBlog. (Check out the pictures on that site. Mine don’t do these cookies the justice they deserve.)

I halved the recipe because it looked rather large and because I had a sneaking suspicion that MSB’s mother would be inundating him with treats as well (she did). I also used reduced-fat cream cheese so that if MSB has a Totino’s and queso induced heart attack, my cookies will not be a co-contributor.


The cookies were wonderful! The outside dough is perfect for holding in the filling and makes the cookies sturdy and easy to transport while remaining chewy and moist. I had a difficult time stuffing the dough and thought that I was messing up the cookies, but they turned out well anyway.


Stuffed cookies are a bit more labor intensive than my usual one bowl cookies, but worth the effort! Above is my “tester cookie,” i.e. the largest, gooiest one.



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  1. These look so good! What a nice birthday treat. I should have known you wouldn’t have ruined the surprise by posting them pre-birthday.

    I’m glad the 16 miles went well this weekend. Is this week your last before tapering?

  2. Wow do these ever look good! I think yours look just as mouth wateringly delicious as they do on that other blog. Kudos!! I’m sure that they were very well received.

  3. tfh: Yes it is! I’m doing a 20-miler on Saturday and then it’s downhill until the marathon.

  4. those cookies look awesome 🙂 you’re right on with the bday treats!

  5. Why do you tempt us?! Posting pictures of cookies filled with CHEESECAKE knowing full well that half of us have trouble heating up soup. 😉

  6. […] of sweet treats, so I decided to bake a small batch of cookies. I bought a box of Cocoa Pebbles for MSB’s cheesecake cookies, and decided to incorporate them into the Maple Oat Chewies from my Pillsbury: Best of the Bake-Off […]

  7. […] cookie itself is decently low in sugar, but I had leftover cream cheese from MSB’s cookies, and it’s Thanksgiving, goshdarnit, cookies should be frosted. So I made a frosting using 4 […]

  8. […] ingredients, using Cocoa Pebbles in place of the crisp rice cereal (I bought Cocoa Pebbles for MSB’s birthday cookies, and they are a much better cookie ingredient than breakfast cereal). Instead of the butterscotch […]

  9. […] cookie itself is decently low in sugar, but I had leftover cream cheese from MSB’s cookies, and it’s Thanksgiving, goshdarnit, cookies should be frosted. So I made a frosting using 4 […]

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