Daily Run: Fighting My Crazy Side

November 18, 2008 at 1:32 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 10 Comments

Time of Day: 5:30 AM

Weather: Cold but comfortable after a few miles

Duration: 53 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:40/mile and then rounded down slightly): 6.9 miles


Crazy Jess: I feel so good today! Let’s go longer.

Sensible Jess: Can’t. We have an orthodontist appointment at 7:45 and we can’t be late because then they’ll see someone else before us and then we’ll be late to our 9 AM meeting and that will not look good in front of Company Big Cheese.

Crazy Jess: Just a mile or two more.

Sensible Jess: Don’t have time! We’ll run more tomorrow.

Crazy Jess: But we might not be so swift and pain free tomorrow! We can just skip rolling out today.

Sensible Jess *sarcastically*: Oh yeah, let’s run longer on healing injuries AND skip rolling out. Why don’t we skip icing as well? 

Crazy Jess: We can skip blow drying the hair.

Sensible Jess: We’re already skipping the hair. Duh. Guess what? I turned the heat up before we left. The house should be all nice and toasty by now.

Crazy Jess: Oooh you naughty, wasteful girl…I like it. Let’s go.

On a totally unrelated note, I don’t know why I’m bothering calculating my distance. I obviously have no idea how fast I’m going. Maybe I should take the Garmin idea suggested by several of you. I’m not sure though; I’ve heard they’re a little inaccurate, so why spend the money when I can be inaccurate all on my own?



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  1. hahah i liked the convo. really you have heard they are not accurate? lots of people use them tho and they seem to think they work…

  2. Hahaha, I love this little banter back & forth with yourself! I think sensible Jess is (obviously) the more sensible one. Definitely don’t want any recurring or new injuries when you’re THIS CLOSE to your marathon!

  3. You’re awesome, Jess!
    Yeah and I am a little frustrated with HR monitors….

  4. sounds like jess made a good choice!

  5. ha- i have that same convo all the time. seems like crazy kelly only rears her head when im pressed for time.

    Kelly Turner

  6. The Garmin is the most amazing training aid ever. It’s not 100% precise but it’s pretty darn close. Besides you can program workouts, routes, waterstops, chart your distance, speed, elevation. It’s more accurate than you think.

    Let me know if you want one. I am able to purchase them through their employee purchase program so I basically get them at cost.

  7. i say POLAR rather than garmin! for me the accelerometer is way more accurate than satellite ever was.

  8. oooh good luck with the new(old) nimbus! i think i preferred the 8s actually,… but hopefully you’ll notice enough of a diff with the 9s. let me know!

  9. Loves it… I just use mapmyrun.com and time myself precisely so after i map my run i just have to input my total time and it gets my avg mile time for me.

  10. […] the second good run in a row–something that has not occurred in weeks. True to my promise to Crazy Jess, I allowed myself to run a little longer. Also, I think my speed is beginning to creep back, and […]

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