Daily Run: A Teensy Bit Masochistic

November 23, 2008 at 10:52 am | Posted in Daily Run | 6 Comments

Time of Day: 7:40 AM

Weather: Warmer but a little drizzly

Duration: 48 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 8:00/mile): 6 miles

Notes: As you can see, I calculated today’s run at 8 minute pace, and that’s a bit optimistic. I like to go “stretch out my muscles” the morning after a long run, but today “stretch out” was replaced with “beat my screaming legs with a horse whip while inflicting unnecessary suffering.” I can be a bit mean to myself sometimes, especially when I do things like loop around my neighborhood for a few extra minutes just so I can get an even 6 miles.

But I am not unjustified. My muscles are stretched out now and my legs feel better after that slow run. They don’t understand why I didn’t stretch them out with an easy 20-30 minutes, or maybe some yoga, but I just tell them that we’re “building character” and “what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger.” And they yell, “Fine!” and get all pouty, and if they weren’t attached to me I’m pretty sure they would stomp to their bedroom and slam the door.

My Achilles hurts, but not too badly, and I was expecting the pain. Tomorrow is a day off, an ART appointment, and the official start of tapering!

OH! And I got my Nimbus-9s in the mail on Thursday, which is just 2 days after I ordered them! I took them out for their first little run today. They feel so much firmer than the 10s; the difference actually amazes me. My legs were too sluggish to notice the new springy sensation beneath them. Unappreciative brats.


So shiny. 🙂



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  1. I LOVE your shoes. Asics are so freaking expensive here! I went to Germany, where its usually cheaper, but the ones I tried on did not feel too good so I opted for New Balance which I have used for years, even when I ran track in High School. But my coach did always say Asics were the ultimate choice. I guess if language was not a barrier I may have found the right pair 😛

  2. yay new sneakers:) glad you like them! and hey you got 26 miles in this weekend, that’s a good number, huh?! hehe. i went to a yoga class this morning and it was TOUGH and hot/sweaty but i have to say i am MUCH less sore now cuz i’m all stretched out. i am not good about stretching on my own at all, and i’ve never tried rolling out. but my hammys and legs were so sore this fri-sat and today everything finally feels better. i wonder if you would like yoga? maybe after the marathon for some down time?

  3. Yay for new shoes!
    Oh, and I love that your “slow” pace is 8 minute miles. Oh, if only I could run 8 minute miles. I guess fast and slow are relative terms 🙂

  4. meant to comment yesterday, but life is busy busy busy. just wanted to say, you’re amazing! 20 miles! you’re definitely ready for the big day. congrats on all your hard work. have you decided how you’re going to spend your reward money? more importantly, have you decided what your post race meal will be? (ahem banana pancakes ahem…) 😉

  5. Moran: I got mine on Sierra Trading Post. Do they ship overseas? The price was great.
    Lacey: I kinda like yoga, but it’s something that gets pushed to the side in my busy life.
    sara: Haha I have no idea about either decision!

  6. Woohoo for new shoes!! I myself am a strict Adidas devotee, but in high school I used to work in my x-country coach’s running store and tried the Asics and was pleasantly surprised.

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