Strength Training: Another Reason for More Turkey

November 24, 2008 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Strength Training | 8 Comments

Time of Day: 5:40 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: About an hour, split up with driving time

Notes: My poor legs are in desperate need of a day off, so I drove to the gym this morning to do my long strength training workout (Week 1 of Dynamic phase for Ultimate Abs, fyi). The weather for this indoor exercise day? A balmy 65*. At this point, I’m just laughing at the absurdity.

Weights felt a bit hard today, especially the exercises focused on my shoulders. I blame this on the high mileage weekend. Running does work your shoulders a bit, something that I noticed when I was a beginning runner and had achy shoulders after cross-country practice. If you have this problem, try push-ups. That worked for me before I started lifting weights. The shoulder muscles just needed a little strengthening.

I will probably stop lifting weights mid-taper as I allow all my body muscles to repair and rest for the big day. After the marathon, I plan on revamping my strength program a little. This one has been very effective, but it’s time for a change.

Thanks to those of you who commented with fuel recommendations. They have been duly noted.



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  1. i hate it when that happens!!! (the weather, finally turning nice the day AFTER you could’ve really used it!)

  2. i like your post title 🙂

    good luck!

  3. Oh I can totally attest to how running can make your shoulders / chest sore. I actually couldn’t run this morning because I lifted yesterday and was all sore and knew that running would be utter pain. Whenever I run races I always wake up with sore arms because I’m pumping my arms so hard to go faster! Thanks for the award by the way!!! 🙂

  4. smart on the repair and rest.

    hard to do (if youre me anyway and love the iron) but the smart way to go none the less 🙂

  5. 65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 yoga also really works your shoulders there are so many high pushup to low pushup to updog to downdog… when will my shoulders be strong enough to not get sore?? 🙂

  6. first, i love your blog! a “trying to be serious” runner, i have been looking all over for a blog that doesnt just list photos of what you eat every day!

    second, i am excited to try your strength workout. i am wondering if you could estimate the weights that you use for each exercise…i know i will be much weaker, but i dont even know where to start. i haven’t done much strength training since college!

  7. I just watched Spirit of the Marathon, and watching Deena Kastor and her tiny tiny frame lifting massive weights, I just thought, So there! to the low weight/many reps school of thought for runners who lift. I don’t like my push-ups (lifting weights is a lot easier than lifting my body) but I do ’em anyway.

  8. kate: Welcome! I feel that my weights are embarrassingly low, but I’ll post them soon.
    tfh: Thanks for reminding me about that movie. I need to see it!

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