Weekly Run-Down: 11/17/08-11/23/08

November 24, 2008 at 11:02 am | Posted in Training Method, Weekly Run Down | 3 Comments

Time Spent Running: 6 hours 5 minutes

Estimated Total Mileage: 46.08 miles

Time Spent on Elliptical: 50 minutes

Strength Training: 2X

Reward Money: $501.68 (over the 500 mark!)

A high mileage weekend ends and the first week of tapering begins. Speaking of which…

The Taper: Week 1

  • My total mileage should be decreased about 20% from last week
  • My long run will be 12-14 miles
  • I will continue to break in my Nimbus-9s during a few runs a week
  • Running will be at a relaxed pace
  • I need to up my protein intake to repair my muscles
  • I need to up my Vitamin C intake to rebuild my immune defenses

Challenge: I’m going to Michigan for Thanksgiving, and I will be leaving Wednesday morning. It’s cold and snowy there, but I will be sucking it up and running anyway. Normally, getting enough protein during Turkey Week would be easy, but my grandparents eat a mostly vegetarian diet at home and we will be going out for our Thanksgiving dinner (which I hope still includes turkey!). Nutritionally, I will be mostly at their mercy. Vitamin C is rarely a problem for me, since I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I’m switching my long run to Friday this week to work around holiday plans.



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  1. I liked your reward idea a lot so I got myself a present. I will blog about it when I get it!
    By the way, when is exactly Thanksgiving? As in, on what day is the Thanksgiving dinner?

  2. I LOVE how organized you are and especially with your training. SO EXCITING you are ready to taper. wow. i’m impressed. i want to be in your nimbuses. heh. Wasn’t “Nimbus” one of the broom brands in Harry Potter? i think it might be…

  3. Moran: It’s Thursday.
    Lacey: Haha I don’t keep up with The Potter, so I’m not sure. Sounds like a good broom name to me.

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