Cross-training: At Least It’s Cold

November 25, 2008 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Cross-training, Strength Training | 3 Comments

Time of Day: 5:55 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: 50 min. elliptical

Notes: Reasons to get on the elliptical this morning:

  • I won’t have access to a gym in Michigan. This is my last chance to rest my Achilles for the week unless I take a day off entirely *gasp*
  • Even after a day off and an ART appointment, my Achilles is slightly tight after a high mileage weekend
  • I still have to do a 12-14 miler this week, and that’s going to suck a bit if my feet and Achilles hurt
  • I so don’t need an injury right now

Reasons not to get on the elliptical:

  • It’s boring
  • I don’t wanna
  • I’d rather run in the cold (randomly 30 degrees colder today. Strange)

Unfortunately, the elliptical made a much more compelling argument. I took a gamble and got to the gym early and the one worker who will open up a few minutes early was there today. Score! In the Name of Tapering, I didn’t do any speed intervals, but I did keep a consistently fast pace. And now cross-training is done for the whole week.

A Question about Weights

I got a question from reader kate about how much weight I lift, and because she complimented me in the first part of her comment, I will answer.

second, i am excited to try your strength workout. i am wondering if you could estimate the weights that you use for each exercise…i know i will be much weaker, but i dont even know where to start. i haven’t done much strength training since college!

Thanks, kate! Yes, I’ll try to estimate, but most of the exercises I do are on machines and those seem to vary.

Typically, I do two weight sessions a week. The first one is on my day off from running, and so I take advantage of this extra time to do a big strength workout. My second one is shorter and its purpose is simply to keep me in shape for my bigger workout (because muscle deteriorates so quickly).

On the long day, I do 3 sets of 15 reps of the following exercises. On the short day I do 2 sets.

  • Lat pulldown – 60 lbs (machine)
  • Lat row – 50 lbs (machine)
  • Shoulder press – 30 lbs (machine)
  • Chest press – 40 lbs (machine)
  • Vertical butterfly 40 lbs (machine)
  • Bicep curls – 25 lbs (machine); 12 lbs each arm (dumbells)
  • Tricep extensions – 10 lbs each arm (dumbells)

When I first started, I never did more than 2 sets and I did 10-12 reps. Hope that helps!



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  1. i hate the elliptical too 🙂 but it IS ok to take a day off 😉

  2. WOW 50 minutes?? Jess I would DIE!!!

  3. yay – THANKS! that was my first blog comment ever! i should do it more often!

    i’ll let you know how the weight training plan goes:)

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