Weekly Run-Down: 11/24/08-11/30/08

December 1, 2008 at 10:34 am | Posted in Training Method, Weekly Run Down | 2 Comments

Time Spent Running: 4 hours 15 minutes

Estimated Total Mileage: 32.86 miles

Time Spent on Elliptical: 50 minutes

Strength Training: 1X (No gym access while in Michigan)

Reward Money: $534.54

Time Spent Exercising Patience: Approximately 98 hours, and that’s not including my elliptical workout on Tuesday.

I think I tapered enough this week. It’s hard to tell because I switched my off day from Monday to Sunday, thus messing up the mileage count a little. I was supposed to get more protein and Vitamin C this week, but unfortunately I probably got less protein than usual. Most of my meals with my grandparents were vegetarian, and while it’s very possible to get enough protein on a vegetarian diet, they don’t seem very concerned with doing so. Oh well, my muscles feel like they are repairing well anyway.

The Taper: Week 2

  • My total mileage will be half to 2/3 that of my highest mileage week.
  • Running will be mostly slow. (Messed this one up already. Ha.)
  • My long run will be 8-10 miles.
  • This will be my last week of weight lifting.
  • Mileage will be going down, but calories should remain the same.
  • Eat foods high in unsaturated fats to serve as backup energy when carbs become depleted during race.


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  1. Love the “Time Spent Exercising Patience” part! I have never heard of that before about eating more saturated fats close to a race to help boost energy levels. Is that something you only need to do for a 1/2 marathon and up, or does it apply to 10k’s as well?

  2. UNsaturated! UNsaturated!
    Hmmm…I’m not sure about 10ks. I really don’t think that you will deplete your carbs enough in a 10k to need to dip into fat stores. It’s always good to get about 30% of your daily calories from fats though, focusing on the unsaturated ones.

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