Daily Run: Wish and Dream

December 4, 2008 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 13 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: Very windy and COLD this time. Those of you who were jealous yesterday can stop.

Duration: 49 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:45/mile): 6.32 miles

Notes: This week’s Take It and Run Thursday theme at Runner’s Lounge is Running Dreams and Wishes. This is an appropriate theme for me this week. I’m 10 days away from completing a long-time running wish: running a marathon. And to expand upon that, to be a Marathon Runner, instead of just a Runner. Because Marathon Runner sounds sooo much more hardcore. 😉

Running dreams? Yes, I have lots of them. Literally. In fact, I was plagued by them last night. I had several dreams about my upcoming race. In one of them, I was running my marathon around a TRACK. Naturally, I lost count of the laps. Just like in high school when I had to run the 3000m around a 200m indoor track. Except much, much longer. More of a nightmare, really. Ten more days of this Taper Madness.

Sometimes when I run, I daydream about what life as a professional runner would be like. Life getting paid to run. A life in which I don’t have to hurry through running and stretching to get to my job, but in which those things actually are my job. A life in which I just run, recover, eat, and nap…for money. My dad thinks I should just join the Army, but that’s so not the same.



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  1. hehehe that’s funny about your dad thinking you should join the army. you’d prolly be able to do a whole bunch of pushups, too.

  2. Jess I LOVE this post! I love football (or soccer) ever since I am young and I always wondered how great it would be if I could be like a football player – just getting PAID to train and to play matches!

  3. Oh, yes. Getting paid to run would be super! Good luck with the rest of your taper madness.

  4. i had SOOOO many dreams before SFM… i got lost on the race course, i didnt have any gu with me, etc etc… i havent had any for this one (yet).

    wont be long now 🙂 your dream will be here!

  5. “A life in which I just run, recover, eat, and nap…for money” – I wholeheartedly agree!

    Your dad’s funny.

  6. ha, my running dream is to able to run. gotta start somewhere right?

    Kelly Turner

  7. Great training run, you are fast! I would LOOOOVVEE to be paid to run, good one!

  8. You’re right, sooo not the same!!

    Great write!!


  9. That would be awesome to get paid to run!! I was I was an elite runner sometimes… Ok, that’s a crazy dream!

  10. You know who was in the Army? Wes Santee. Seriously awesome runner. Go look him up. Or better yet, read the book “The Perfect Mile”. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. that sounds lovely 🙂 i think i would actually prefer to get paid to blog/write all day and then just have free time to run whenever i felt like. probably because i don’t have the natural talent you have to even THINK about running professionally!

    actually i like my actual job. i am better at it than i would be at running! but i wish there was more training time built in!

  12. I’d rather be a professional runner than join the army!

  13. I’ve had my share of weird marathon dreams, too. Hang in there!

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